‘Dynasty’ Episode 3 Recap: The 80s Are Back — With A Vengeance

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‘Dynasty’ goes back to its roots in the third episode with an 80s-themed ball. Oh, and with LOTS of catfighting. Isn’t this what we’re all watching for? Find out what else happened this week!

Right off the bat, we’re introduced to Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) doing a striptease for Jeff (Sam Adegoke) wearing Madonna‘s outfit from the “Like A Virgin” music video — giant bow, bustier and everything. Real subtle! It’s revealed that this isn’t just a weird sex thing; the annual Carrington charity ball is 80s-themed this year. Crystal (Nathalie Kelley) wants to cancel the whole thing, because, you know, the murder, but Fallon’s insistent that the show go on. This, despite the fact that Steven (James Mackay) was arrested for said murder at the end of the last episode. The Carringtons are truly the most supportive family.

Fallon visits an empty building with one of her business partners. After he reveals that he’s bought the space for her, she immediately says that she doesn’t want to sleep with him “even though the thought has crossed her mind.” Before they can get to the nitty gritty of their relationship, Fallon’s served at the empty building. Her father’s (Grant Snow) issued a cease and desist so she can’t use the Carrington name. The shade!

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Sammy Joe (Rafael de la Fuentetells her frantically that her sister’s in trouble. She needs $ 10 grand, and stat. Seems like a scam, but whatever. Crystal will do whatever it takes, and obviously behind Blake’s back. One issue? Any time she withdraws a large sum of money, their joint checking account sounds an alert. Rich people problems! For someone who doesn’t have a job and is mooching off his aunt, Sammy Joe’s pretty pissed.

Okay, so the whole Fallon-Jeff thing gets more confusing. They’re having sex BUT they’re not compromising their professional relationship BUT they’re having sex. Actually, never mind; none of this matters! Despite the fact that Steven was arrested for Matthew’s murder, the entire family — and Steven himself — are pretty chill about the whole ordeal. Nobody’s talking about it at all, save for Steven. His mission this episode is to get someone to be his alibi. Sammy Joe won’t do it, even though they’re f**king. You see, he has a criminal background (“nothing bad, just kids stuff), and he doesn’t want to testify. What’s going on with Crystal’s family??

Fed up with the lack of support from his family, Steven tells his father that he’ll never speak to him again after he’s exonerated. Good! He doesn’t tell this to Blake, but Steven believes that his father is the one who truly killed Matthew, out of rage for once being in love with Crystal. Blake has Matthew’s phone in his office!

This entire series was made solely for this scene. Fallon and Crystal descend twin staircases at the charity ball wearing the most extravagant, 80s-tastic dresses. Fallon’s is bright blue with puffy sleeves. She’s got her hair in a high ponytail and is rocking major eye makeup. Crystal chose a slinkier, metallic dress and used probably two cans of hairspray on her ‘do. When they meet at the bottom, they have a minor catfight over who gets to wear a $ 1 million diamond necklace.

Barbs are exchanged. Fallon calls Crystal a cheap charity case, Crystal calls Fallon a spoiled, classless whore. Aww, the bond between daughter and stepmother is so beautiful! Blake makes everything worse by saying that Crystal’s the most beautiful woman in the world — right in front of Fallon. Come on, dad. Blake and Jeff battle it out during the charity auction over that diamond necklace. They wind up brawling after Jeff spends $ 10 million to give it to Fallon (and tells Blake that they’re f**king).

Too bad for Jeff that Fallon’s busy screwing someone in the other room! Cue Jeff hopping into a limo with the diamonds and two chicks who are all over him. He’s more than ready for revenge! Post-fight, Blake retires to his room and catches a masked burglar pawing through his drawers. We’re not shown who the culprit is, because they bust out of the room after hitting Blake over the head. He’s okay, physically. Emotionally, he’s kind of a troll. It’s later revealed that Sammy Joe was the burglar! And…he took Matthew’s phone (along with “several lesser rolexes”)!

Here’s the skinny on why Crystal and Sammy Joe are acting so weird. Her real name is Cecilia. She’s an undocumented immigrant who escaped to the United States by giving a man $ 10,000 to drive her across the border. Her sister, Sammy Joe’s mother, was supposed to come with her but didn’t show up to the drop point on time. She was forced to leave her behind before ICE captured her. Now, it’s up to Crystal to get her sister into the country without having to explain her mysterious past. Good luck, girl!

Dynasty airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm on the CW.

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