‘Dynasty’ Episode 2 Recap: Sex, Money & Matthew’s Murder — Who Killed Cristal’s Ex?

Posted on Oct 19 2017 - 3:21am by admin

‘Dynasty’ brings the drama in the second episode of the reboot, and we learn something new about what REALLY happened to Matthew. You ready for the ridiculousness?

Who’s ready for some Grade A drama? Dynasty‘s turned into a bonafide murder mystery after Matthew’s shocking demise! The episode opens in the immediate aftermath of Claudia’s arrival, with the grieving widow sitting in the Carrington mansion as paparazzi and police swarm outside. She’s in consolable, and repeatedly tells the police that Blake murdered Matthew (Nick Wechsler). True? Maybe. That’s enough for the paparazzi to latch onto for a juicy front page story. The mayhem just hours after Cristal (Nathalie Kelley) and Blake (Grant Show) got married is dubbed “the escape room of weddings” by one frazzled guest. Girl, we know.

As Fallon oh-so sensitively points out, it’s up to a disoriented and emotional Cristal to step up to the plate as Carrington Atlantic’s new COO and give a press conference. “We need to come together to protect ourselves as a family,” Blake says. “You mean as a business?” Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) retorts. Same thing, really. In the blinding blaze of paparazzi’s flashbulbs, Crystal is struggling to give the company’s statement as she recalls the memories of Matthew and her having sex, of being in love. She didn’t know this was a murder investigation! She collapses to the ground, and that’s the front page headline the next day.

Literally everyone in the family thinks that Fallon killed Matthew. They’re just flat out saying so! Stephen (James Mackay) has a pretty solid theory: she tanked the wind farm so she could get a better profit on the property, then killed Matthew as collateral damage because she hates Cristal. I mean, yeah? The math checks out. Even if Fallon killed him, Blake reminds Cristal: yesterday was the downside of being a Carrington; the upside is having a family that will protect you no matter what.

Take Fallon out of the equation (even if it’s too fun not to), and everyone else is pretty damn sure Blake had him killed. Cristal even goes to see Matthew’s friend, Willie, just so she can get that nagging voice out of her head that her new husband killed her old love. Sorry, Cristal — Willie says that just days before his death, Blake tried to get Matthew to transfer to China when he found out his history with Cristal. Matthew hated Blake, Willie tells Cristal. “I wouldn’t put it past Blake, and neither should you.”

And finally, the moment we’ve all waited for: CATFIGHT. Fallon’s bitchery returns at Matthew’s funeral, where she shows up wearing stilettos, a romper, and a pushup bra. She and Cristal get into it at the cemetery. Their altercation ends with Cristal shoving Fallon into an open grave. Fallon’s retaliation? Wearing bright red, head to toe, at Matthew’s wake. But suddenly, there’s another Carrington on the suspects list — Stephen. What? The FBI roll up to the Carrington mansion at the very last minute of the episode to arrest him for murder. Oh, we can’t wait to see where this is going.

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