Duck Boat Accident Leaves At Least 11 Dead, Including Children, In Missouri

Posted on Jul 21 2018 - 5:33am by admin

A duck boat carrying 31 passengers flipped over on a lake in Missouri killing 11, 3 of them were children. Here’s everything we know.

On July 19, a tourist boat capsized on Table Rock Lake in Missouri killing at least 11 people by drowning. Of those 11, 3 were children, according to KOMO News. Authorities were immeditelly called to the scene after severe thunderstorms impacted the area. In addition to the fatalities, seven passengers were taken to a nearby hospital while several others are still missing. The duck boat reportedly sank to the bottom of the lake due to the critical conditions, according to Sheriff Doug Rader of Stone County.

The sheriff department also added that the boat is still in the water and divers will remain on the scene throughout the night in hopes of finding survivors. It is unclear at this time as to how many passengers are missing. “Our condolences go out to those affected by what appears to be a weather-related accident in Branson Missouri,” Mark Firmani, a spokesman for Ride the Ducks Seattle said in a statement.

Duck Boat Capsizes

“At Ride the Ducks Seattle, we follow a strict protocol that determines whether our Coast Guard-inspected Ducks can go on the water. This protocol factors in wind speed, wave, height, and the potential for inclement weather. Our internal protocols are more stringent than those prescribed the United States Coast Guard,” Mark continued.

“In instances in which we determine that the weather could be an issue for the comfort or safety of our guests, we either eliminate the water portion of our tour, or change the route to the less wind-exposed Salmon Bay. If weather changes suddenly, our Coast Guard-licensed captains have the full authority to modify or cancel trips at any point during the tour,” Mark added.

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