Doris Simeon: Actress blames men for single motherhood

Posted on Sep 28 2017 - 12:25pm by admin

Doris Simon says men not wanting to play their roles in the life their children is the major reason for single motherhood.

The actress while granting an interview with ThisDay Newspaper revealed that men, these days, are shying away from their responsibilities as husbands.

When asked whether she thinks being a single mother is now fashionable in Nollywood, she said:

 “Single motherhood is not peculiar to Nollywood. If you go to the banking sector, there are single mothers there; in the military, in law firms and other fields, there are single mothers.”


She went on saying  “It is not our fault; it’s just that men no longer want to play their role as husbands. I am not a supporter of single parenthood: every man or woman has the right to live their life the way they choose.”

“It’s just by God’s grace that I am acting and producing. Emotional trauma is not what I will encourage anybody to pass through. God created every woman for a man. So marriage is good.” she concluded.

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In a recent interview with Pulse, Doris Simeon spoke about her career, response to critics and her awards. On discrimination in Nollywood, she said

“I have never experienced it on my own part. I really cannot say if there’s a discrimination or not, maybe because I communicate with every single member of the industry. Whenever we meet, even if we haven’t worked together, we say ‘hi. I don’t really know what any other of my colleagues are going through for them to come out and say such thing.”

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She also spoke challenging times in her career,“It was when I did “Omo Iya Kan. I was producing, playing two characters in a movie, and I just had my baby who was just 3 months then, and I just lost my dad. So, it was kind of challenging, but then, it all went well.”


Doris Simeon is a multiple award-winning actress popular for her roles in movies such as “Oloju Ede“, “Alakada“, “Onitemi“,”Ten Million Naira“, “Modupe Temi“, ‘Silence‘  among others.

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