Donald Tusk BLUNDER: EU Council President makes HUGE mistake during Brussels press call

Posted on Mar 22 2019 - 6:56am by admin

The President of the European Council gave two dates for the UK to leave the EU during the speech. Mr Tusk added a two-week extension to March 29 if Prime Minister Theresa May can get her Brexit deal through parliament. If her deal is not approved, the UK will leave without a deal by April 12.

But Mr Tusk wrongly said the UK will leave on April 20.

His error brought roars of laughter from the audience during the press conference on a very important matter.

Mr Tusk continued to outline the terms agreed by the EU during the speech.

He said that April 12 was a “key date” for the UK because if it decided not to participate in the European Parliament elections then a long extension would become impossible.

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He said: “April 12 is a key date in terms of the UK wondering whether to hold European Parliament elections.

“If it is not decided do so by then the option of a long extension will immediately become impossible.”

The leaders of the other 27 member-states “unanimously” agreed Mr Tusk’s proposal.

At the same conference, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to MPs who have supported her deal.

Theresa May said: “I am very grateful to those MPs who have supported the deal, to those who have come around to support the deal and to all those MPs I have been meeting across the house.”

Mrs May also declined to rank her favoured options if her deal does not pass but did say: “I do not believe that we should be revoking Article 50.

“That is not something we should be doing for this reason: We gave the choice as to whether to stay in the European Union or leave the European Union to the British people.

“They voted in 2016, they voted to leave.

“I think the time is now to deliver for the British people, the time is now to make the decision.”

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