Donald Trump Grossly Mocks #MeToo Movement At Montana Rally & Twitter Annihilates Him

Posted on Jul 7 2018 - 2:19pm by admin

President Trump crudely mocked the #metoo movement while dissing Elizabeth Warren during speech in Montana. Now Twitter is exploding that he’d go there after being accused of sexual misconduct by 21 women.

There are certain topics President Donald Trump, 72, should stay away from an one of those is the #MeToo movement. Over 21 women have come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct, so it’s not a subject he should be cracking jokes about. But because the bully-in-chief doesn’t know when to quit, he openly mocked the era of #MeToo during a speech in Montana on July 5. He was riffing on how he doesn’t care if people think his calling Dem. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” is racially insensitive, attacking her with the divisive nickname. Then he went on to diss the #MeToo movement when discussing his potential 2020 presidential opponent and whether or not she has any Native American heritage.

“I want to apologize. Pocahontas, I apologize to you. I apologize to you. To you I apologize,” he said. “To the fake Pocahontas, I won’t apologize,” he continued as the nearly all-white crowd roared. “We’ll take that little kit and say, we have to do it gently because we are in the Me Too generation, and we will very gently take that kit, slowly toss it” to her, he continued, adding he’d give a million bucks to charity if a heritage test “shows you are an Indian.” Umm, It’s Native American Donald, so not only did he slam Me Too, he was racially insensitive as well!

Twitter lost it that a guy who bragged about its okay to grab women “by the p***y” would dare to touch the #MeToo movement of victims who have bravely come forward to reveal they’ve been unwantedly sexually harassed, groped, raped and more. One man wrote, “I hope we can get the  generation to get Trump out of office – and not very gently.” A young woman tweeted,” I have criticisms of our generation. I have criticisms of . Even so, Trump saying ‘we’re the me too generation so we have to be very gentle’ is so completely wrong and idiotic.” One woman was so incensed about him mocking #MeToo that she wrote, “F**K TRUMP. I really couldn’t hate him more. I have ZERO respect. We have no national president. He’s merely the president of his psychotic fan base.”

Trump’s remark was particularly disgusting because earlier in the day he announced the hire of ex-Fox News Co-President Bill Shine as his new White House Communications Director. Shine resigned in May of 2017 after it was revealed he allegedly helped cover up a web of extensive sexual harassment and misconduct at the network. “Trump mocking the  movement at his Montana rally is disgusting, especially after hiring ex Fox Co-President who covered up sexual assaults. Women will vote. Women will vote out Trump,” one person tweeted.

Another user made light of Melania Trump‘s futile campaign to end bullying when during his speech Trump only only mocked #MeToo, but also dissed Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “After Donald Trump mocks the #MeToo movement and makes up a Low IQ score for Maxine Waters to make a crowd cheer… would once again like to thank Melania Trump on her amazing job with her anti-bullying and ‘Be Best’ initiatives. You go FLOTUS!”

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