Dominic Raab bids to SAVE UK as 'underdog' begins leadership bid – 'UK is on it's KNEES!'

Posted on Jun 9 2019 - 12:28pm by admin

During an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Raab admitted he is an “underdog” in the race but insists his inexperience is an advantage. Referring to the “big beasts” as Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt he said he did not think the contest would be a stitch up by the “so-called big beasts”. He said: “I think the approach that got us into this rut and into this mess is not going to get us out of it.

“And that’s why we need a change of approach, a change of vision.”

The former Brexit secretary said the reason he is standing to be Prime Minister is because it “hurts” him to see the “country on its knees”.

He said: “The reason I’m standing to be Prime Minister is it hurts me to see the country on its knees in this rut, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get us out of it.

“And it’s about the best interests of the country, not me.”

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Last month, Mr Raab launched a “clean” campaign pledge, urging his contenders to sign up to pledge committing themselves got avoid speaking ill of each other.

However, Mr Raab said the contest should be “robust on the substance” and then proceeded to attack an approach to Brexit taken by some of his rivals.

One of the rivals he attacked was Mr Gove who was appointed Environment Secretary by Theresa May in June 2017.

Mr Gove has previously stated he is not “wedded” to the October 31 exit date from the EU if more time was needed to reach a deal.

Mr Raab who was elected in 2010 said: “All of those candidates who are suggesting things that should be taken off the table like no deal, or who are leaving open the possibility of an extension or are saying they won’t do this or they won’t do that, I think are undermining the strength of our negotiating position in Brussels.

“If you want to get the deal that can allow us to move on, you’ve got to stop weakening our position and weakening our credibility.”

It comes as leadership front-runner Mr Johnson said he would refuse to pay the £39 billion divorce bill to the European Union unless better Brexit terms are put on the table.

He also said he would step up preparations for the event of a no deal exit.

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