Disneyland Sky Lights Up Orange Amidst Terrifying Wildfire Nearby — Eerie Photos

Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 10:33pm by admin

Well, this is creepy. Due to the wildfires in Anaheim, California, the sky over the usually magical Disneyland turned an eerie burnt orange. These pics are crazy.

Disneyland remains open in Anaheim, California despite the looming wildfires, and the pictures from park-goers are pretty insane. The fires have lit up the skies a dusty orange, giving the Disneyland rides a disturbingly dark background. Anaheim Fire & Rescue is calling the fire “Canyon Fire 2”, and they have been giving regular updates on Twitter. So far the wildfires have destroyed approximately 7,500 acres of land with no signs of slowing down any time soon. While the fire is making for a really cool picture to post on Instagram, some Disneyland visitors claim the air isn’t very safe.

“Will they evacuate us for this fire I wonder?” Tia Carrere wrote on October 9 on Twitter. While the claims are unverified, some people even tweeted about ash falling from the sky. It’s unclear exactly how far the Canyon Fire 2 is from Disneyland’s park and attractions, but the winds have definitely been carrying the smoke and ash through the sky. Thankfully the rescue efforts are being shared constantly on Twitter, allowing residents and visitors alike to be in the know at all times. For more updates, make sure you’re following @AnaheimFire!

Check out some of the eerie pictures that Disneyland visitors have been sharing on Twitter below. We hope everyone in the area remains safe and that the fire can be contained sooner rather than later.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Would YOU go to Disneyland even though the sky is lit up orange from the fires? Do YOU think the park should close? Comment below, let us know.

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