Disney have just released their own collection of Disney Princess wedding dresses – but the price tag will astound you

Posted on Sep 28 2017 - 12:44pm by admin
Rapunzal Disney Wedding DressDisney have released their own collection of wedding dresses  [Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co]

Most girls dream of their wedding day being a huge occasion where they marry the love of their lives in a lavish ceremony – complete with a princess wedding dress, of course. 

And now, those girls can actually become their favourite Disney Princess thanks to this new collection of stunning gowns. 

Disney have teamed up with Japanese wedding company, Kuraudia Co, to create 14 dresses inspired by all the most iconic Disney Princesses including Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel and Cinderella. 

But if you’re looking to become Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Aurora on your big day, you better start saving. 

Ariel Disney wedding dressYou can now attend your wedding dresses ad your favourite Disney Princess [Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co]

The dresses – which can only be rented – will set you back a massive $ 3,600, around £2700. 

Here’s some of the stand out dresses of the collection… 


The Cinderella gown from the collection is the perfect remake from the iconic film. 

The blue colour may me a little bit controversial for a wedding dress, but as far as looking like the cartoon character, it’s pretty spot on. 

Cinderella Disney wedding dressThe Cinderella wedding gown is a perfect representation of the dress from the film – if you’re brave enough for blue  [Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co]

The strapless gown has a beautiful diamond shape waist with ruched sides, revealing a sparkly netting underneath. 

Snow White 

Now this look is definitely for the real Disney lovers.  

Snow White’s iconic shade is red, and so if you want to be the beauty on your big day, you’re going to need to go all out with this look.  

Snow White Disney wedding dressThe Snow White dress is among the collection, all available to rent for around £2,700 [Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co]

The scarlet gown is beautiful, complete with a blue bow around the waist. 

If you’re really committed to the role, you’ll have to provide your own apple for the wedding day. 


Belle recently became one of the best loved Disney Princesses this year with the release of the live remake of Beauty And The Beast. 

Belle’s iconic yellow gown has been recreated by Disney for this wedding dress, with the iconic shade and dramatic draping. 

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle wedding dressBeauty And The Beast’s Belle is iconic for her yellow gown [Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co]

If your partner is as much of a Disney fan as you, he could always strap on a mask and be the beast?

You can view the entire collection here. 

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