Did The Queen Subtly Troll Trump During His Visit With Her Jewelry? – See Pics

Posted on Jul 18 2018 - 4:50am by admin

Could it be? After looking at Queen Elizabeth’s meeting with Donald Trump, it appears the Queen might have thrown some subtle shade his way! Get the details below!

The whole world was watching when Donald Trump, 72, visited the UK and met Queen Elizabeth II for the first time on July 13. Would he faux pas? Would he surprise us all and handle the situation with grace? While Trump might have made a few errors throughout the encounter, the whole ordeal went over seemingly well. Looking back though, one Twitter user noticed something very peculiar about the Queen’s choice of attire that day, and it appears the Queen might have had a few tricks up her own sleeve!

On day one of Trump’s visit to the UK, the Queen chose to wear a broach gifted to her by none other than former U.S. president, Barack Obama. Coincidence? We think not! Former president Obama had a great rapport with the Queen, and so it seems that the Queen may have been throwing a subtle hint Donald’s way that he has some work to do. The gorgeous pin that was personally gifted by the former president featured an emerald green hue in the shape of a small flower, and was a lovely accompaniment to the queen’s printed dress on the first day of Trump’s visit.  We have no doubt that it served as a reminder of better days!

While the queen was impeccably gracious throughout Trump’s stay in her nation, prior to Donald Trump’s visit, thousands of UK citizens made their thoughts on the president’s visit very clear, in a large-scale protest in London. Leave it to Trump to divide a nation he doesn’t even govern. Then, to make matters worse, Trump reportedly kept the queen waiting at one point, and then, even had the audacity to walk in front of her! That’s a major royal no-no. Apparently, there were some feelings about it to be had. “The feeling inside the palace is that Trump’s disrespectful mistakes with the queen were terrible and inexcusable. The American president struggled with the simplest acts of courtesy and politeness, which not go unnoticed by the world,” a source close to the royal family told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

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After causing such a rumble in the UK, we totally don’t blame the Queen for throwing some shade Trump’s way! Let’s just hope Trump studies up on royal etiquette, in case he ever gets invited back to the castle.

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