“Dele Issues”: Samuel Ajibola confronts mad man in episode 6 of comedy series

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 9:07pm by admin

Samuel Ajibola has released a new episode of “Dele Issues” titled “Florida Isale Eko.”

“Florida Isale Eko” centres on Dele who takes on the role of a medical doctor. In this episode, he is seen having a conversation with a patient who claims to reside in Florida; stating how impossible it is for him to have local dishes except continental dishes.

The plot twist sets in when the patient, who refused to take heed of Dele’s advice to eat a proper meal before his medication, vomits garri and groundnut right in the presence of the nurse he had an eye for.

Poster for "Dele Issues"play

Poster for “Dele Issues”

The web series revolves around the main character; Dele. It follows his daily hilarious encounters and the awkward situations he most times find himself in, causing him to make some decisions which are sometimes rather ridiculous.

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