‘Deadbeat dads’ using loophole to avoid paying child support face crackdown

Posted on Oct 29 2017 - 1:48pm by admin

Parents who refuse to pay for their offspring can see money taken directly from their wages.

However, court orders can only be made if salaries are paid into individual bank accounts.

This means would-be cheats can get around the system by having a shared account with a new partner.

Now the Department for Work and Pensions plans to close that loophole. New laws will ensure that future deductions can be made from joint accounts.

Ministers hope the change will enable them to recover millions in unpaid child support.

Caroline Dinenage, the Minister for Family Support, said: “Our priority is for children to get the support they need.

“Only a small minority of parents try to cheat their way out of paying towards their children and this new power will be another tool to tackle those who do.”

However, steps will be taken to ensure the second person on the account does not lose out.

Ministers plan to monitor incomings and outgoings to work out how much money in an account belongs to the errant parent.

Maintenance payments are based on a standard formula and charged on children under 16, under 20 and in fulltime education at A-level stage or below, or under 20 and living with a parent registered for child benefit.

The most that can be taken is 40 per cent of a parent’s weekly income.

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