Davido: Singer shades Twitter user over his NYSC discharge certificate

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Davido threw a shade at a Twitter user, who spoke about his yet to be received discharge certificate for his National Youth Service Corps.

The Twitter user with the name Sam Eba tweeted, “Waiting to see how NYSC gives @iam_Davido His discharge Certificate. Then we will start from there.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, saw Davido reacting to Sam Eba’s comment.

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He wrote, “Who’s we ? Ode ur alone .. worried about another mans life … stooooooooopid!


Here’s Davido’s NYSC diary

Davido didn’t spend the mandatory three weeks at the Lagos state orientation camp of the National Youth Service Corps.

So guys here is a detailed schedule of your favourite music star in NYSC camp.

Day 1- Singer poses with NYSC kits

Davido goes to NYSC campplay

Davido goes to NYSC camp



A lot of people weren’t even aware that Davido was going to NYSC camp as he kept this away from his fans which is very unusual. However, on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, we got to see Davido dressed in the NYSC traditional kits heading to camp. We later got to know that he would be serving at the Lagos camp.

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Day 2- Davido goes for registration

Ok, guys for those who thought Davido showing up on social media was probably a stunt for a video, well you guessed wrong as he went to the office of NYSC the following day where he got himself registered for the one-year orientation programme. Even the officials at the camp couldn’t hide their excitement as they took turns to take photos with the music star.

Day 3- Davido causes commotion in camp

Davido's arrival at NYSC campplay

Davido’s arrival at NYSC camp


The is apparently was going to happen as it didn’t come as a surprise that the singer’s move to camp was going to cause a major commotion. The took to his Instagram page on Thursday, August 30, 2018, where he shared photos and videos at camp. Guys, it was crazy as everyone in camp wanted to see first hand the goldfish in the pond.

Day 4- Davido might have left camp

Guys we all know Davido wasnt’t going to stay in camp for three weeks. Even though it is not clear if he is in camp at the moment, it seems like the frenzy over his NYSC move has sort of reduced. However, we have a cool photo of the singer chilling in the studio with his NYSC kits and you would love it.

Day 5- He’s got to make money…you know

What were you all thinking guys? That Davido was going to be in camp for three weeks! Well let’s all face raelity, the music star is has got to make money and thrill his fans all over the world. Davido is presently in Boston, Massachusetts which will be part of his tour cities in the United States that he will be touring.

Day 6- The tour continues

Today is Sunday and if you were privileged to partake in the mandatory three weeks orientation camp, yhou’d know how boring it is on day like this. However, Davido isn’t in camp at the moment as he is presently in United States of America touring some cities. The music star has been keeping fans updated with is activities as he shared a video from his concert today Sunday September 2, 2018.

Day 7- It’s business as usual

When we say it is business as usual, we talking about touring one city to another. Yep! Davido will officially be kick starting his ‘The Locked Up’ US tour which will see the music star visit over seven cities. So you know, the singer is also taking time out to hangout with his daughters. For the guys back at NYSC camp, you will have to wait for a while to see Davido in camp.


On today’s dairy of Davido in NYSC camp, we would love to inform you guys that the singer is still in the Unites States far away from Iyana Ipaja. We already know he is touring some cities in the US which includes New York city. So let’s just say Davido will be in NYC taking part in three weeks orientation of the NYSC programme…you see the rhythms there! Lol…have a nice day guys, from yours truly, dear diary.

Day 9- The now famous interview

It’s day 9 of Davido’s NYSC experience guys, but the truth is the music star isn’t out there making good music or touring cities in the United States, but this time around he is granting exclusive interviews. Davido was a host at the popular Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Thagod and DJ Envy where he got to talk about his career, growing up and the future. Don’t worry guys, Davido will soon return to camp…errr…don’t get your hopes all high.

Day 10- I couldn’t find my pen

Day 11- It’s Friyay!!! The camp misses Davido

It’s Friday and we can all imagine the positive energy around every NYSC camp, the restaurants cashing out, the guys meeting new ladies and finally the Lagos camp missing Davido! Well, Davido is still out of the country and obviously won’t be in camp tonight, so let’s hope the corpers who might have adjusted already following his absence will find something exciting to do tonight…no dulling!!!

Day 15- Davido is coming back to Nigeria!

Ok my people, we are sorry for going MIA for a few days, someone was apparently under the weather. We are happy to be back and the good news is that Davido is coming back to Nigeria soon. Well he announced on his Instagram page that he would be attending his uncle’s political rally billed for this week. So we pray after the rally, he would make a stop over at camp (Lol). Well just wait and see how this weekend turns out for Davido.

Day 16- We countdown to his return

Dear dairy, Davido isn’t back to the country but we can assure you that he would be around for his uncle’s campaign. However, the singer still has a couple of shows in the United States. If you check his Instagram page, you’d get to see the singer and his gang are still having a blast (As usual). Come to think of it guys, NYSC camp will be rounding up soon and know he would be visiting that camp soon!

Day 17- While we wait…wait…wait

Ok guys, Davido is going to be in Nigeria very soon but while we wait for his return, the singer has a number of cities to visit for his tour. He performed in front of a sold out arena in Minneapolis on Tuesday night while he will be at Chicago for his next concert. Indeed, the brother is busy making his fans happy and cashing out at the same time. So when do you guy’s think Davido will be returning to the country?

Day 18- Good news!!! Yippeeee!!! Bad news!!! Arrrgggghhhh

You know how in movies the scene where a character asks another character the question “Which do you want to hear first? The good news or the bad news?”, yes guys, so which one would you guys love to hear first?

Ok, the good news is that Davido is officially returning to the country because he’s got to round up NYSC camp (Yes he released a press statement to that effect). This means he will soon be joining his fellow corp members in camp! Yippeeee!!! The sad news is that he has canceled the remaining shows in the United State which means all those fans who were expecting to see him perform have to wait! Arrrgghhhh!!!

Day 19- The campaign

Less than 24 hours ago, Davido announced on his Instagram page that he was returning to the country because of NYSC commitments. Well…guys your favourite celebrity is in the country and is not in camp either! Wondering what he has been up to? Like they say “Family comes first” as Davido is presently in his home state, Osun, campaigning for his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke who is running for the seat of Governor of that state. Check out his Instagram page and you would see the marmot crowd that came out to support his uncle. We still  want you back in camp Davido! We miss you!!!

Day 20- Stay safe guys

So the gist is that while a marmot crowd came out to support Davido’s uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke at his governorship campaign, there were alleged gunshots. Even though videos or photos of the gunshots episodes haven’t been seen, Davido shared on his Instagram stories a post indicating that his family was shot at during the campaign. We want you all to stay safe during the campaign guys as we await your arrival to camp!

Day 21- It’s a slow day

It’s day 21 of Davido’s NYSC dairy and the music star has been quiet all day. We don’t know why though but we can assure you that Davido is definitely going to spring up a surprise on everyone very soon. It’s either he storms NYSC camp in grand style or he will probably sneak in. Which ever way he decides to go to Iyana Ipaja we don’t really mind. The guys at camp miss him and that’s all. See you in camp soon, Davido!!!

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