David Davis delivers BRILLIANT quip after being asked what EU countries still LIKE Britain

Posted on Mar 16 2018 - 5:41pm by admin

Conservative MP for Wellingborough Mr Bone asked Mr Davis if he could outline countries that still like the UK so the British people know what nations to visit post-Brexit.

The Brexit Secretary delivered a fantastic response in the House of Commons claiming all the EU member states are “sad” Britain is leaving the bloc.

Mr Bone said: “Thank you for taking me up Mr Speaker. As you know in 379 days we will leave this dreadful European Union superstate.

“But what you might not know sir is it will also mark the end of the Secretary of State’s grand tour of Europe.

“He is in the unique position to advise the British people, what countries like us and what countries don’t so we know what countries to go to once we leave.

“Could the Secretary of State tell us the answer?”

Some members of the chamber could be heard laughing as David Davis stood to respond to the Brexiteer.

Mr Davis said: “I am very tempted to give him the list of the last three weeks because it would take about five minutes.

“I will say this to him. One of the things that has struck me throughout talking to all of our European opposite numbers is two things.

“One, all of them are sad we are going.

“And two, they all want a strong future relationship and they all want to stay our friends and allies and that is what we will deliver.”

The comments come as the Prime Minister is hoping to move talks onto trade and is planning to get a post-Brexit transition period signed off at the European Council summit of EU leaders on March 22-23.

Tensions over the Irish border issue could threaten an agreement and hold up discussions with the UK and EU.

After Theresa May outlined the Government’s plans for the next phase of negotiations earlier this month, President of the European Council Donald Tusk suggested the only option left for the UK was a Canada-style arrangement.

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