David Beckham reveals a surprising beauty secret and we’re totally taking notes

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It’s not just Victoria who loves treating herself to new products…

David Beckham takes a selfie, 1 January 2018

We recently revealed how much Victoria Beckham splashes her cash on an elaborate beauty routine (an astonsishing £1,204 a day, FYI).


And it would appear her husband isn’t one to shy away from a grooming sesh either, revealing the one product he loves for an anti-ageing boost.

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Ok, so we know David Beckham hit lucky in the gene pool, with his thick lustrous hair, chiseled features and ageless good looks, BUT it’s nice to know that he also needs a helping hand when it comes to skincare.

Yes, it’s none other that the humble facemark that gets Becks’ skincare seal of approval.

The 42-year-old, who has announced the launch of his new grooming brand House 99, told Esquire magazine, “One thing I do love is a face mask.”

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Cue us conjuring up the scene of David Beckham in his PJs on a Friday night; face mask on, hairbrush in hand and ’90s throwback tunes blasting. But if you were hoping for a cheeky Insta snap of Becks caught in the act, sadly that’s one pastime he’s keeping out of the public eye.

“Which I do in private, and definitely don’t put on Instagram!

“You know, getting in bed, putting the telly on, and putting a face mask on. When you’ve had a rough day, it makes you feel nice.”

David, you’re a man after our own heart.

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But while he might indulge in a face mask time to time, Becks isn’t one for spending too much time in the bathroom each morning, preferring a ‘wash-and-go’ approach to his day-to-day beauty routine.

”I haven’t got an hour to spend in the morning on my complexion,” he admitted. “I have four kids. I want it simple. I get up, shower, sometimes cleanse depending on what I did the night before.”

He continued: “I moisturise always; I use some eye cream and some hand cream. Hair, I just get out of the shower and brush some product in. I do like a thickening shampoo.

“When you get to a certain age, it can help.”

Well there you have it. He wouldn’t be the first the person we’d turn to for anti-ageing tips, but the man talks a lot of sense!

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