Dan Bilzerian Demands Cops Give Him A Gun To Fire Back At Las Vegas Shooter During Massacre

Posted on Oct 6 2017 - 2:13am by admin

Dan Bilzerian, the controversial Instagram star, was caught in the middle of the deadly Las Vegas shooting. In a wild video of the massacre, Dan actually begged cops to give him a gun so he could fight back!

It’s almost too terrifying to watch. In a video of the Oct. 1 massacre, Dan Bilzerian, 36, is seen running towards the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino as shots from Stephen Paddock’s gun can be heard echoing through the Las Vegas night. Dan takes cover behind a concrete barricade as “a heavily armed Vegas cop,” according to TMZ, comes up to them. Dan pulls out his wallet to reportedly show that he has a permit to “pack heat,” according to TMZ, before screaming, “Give me a gun!”

“No, get the f*ck away from me right now,” the officer said. “I don’t care – I don’t know who you are…Don’t f*cking—you know better than that.” Dan and the officer get into a heated argument, as the official (obviously stressed by the carnage happening around him) cannot believe that a citizen is asking for a gun. The last thing the cop wanted was to give a gun to another potential shooter so, despite Dan’s attempts to help, it’s probably a good thing the cop said no.

Dan has caught a lot of grief for his part in the Las Vegas shooting. He was there for the Route 91 Harvest Festival when Stephen, 33, opened fire. The poker player and social media star actually had a live video of himself going as he ran from the scene. “Holy f*ck, this girl just got shot in the f*cking head,” he said, completely shocked by what was happening around him. Some fans have skewered him from running from the massacre, but he said later in the video that he “had to go grab a gun. I’m f*cking heading back.”

While Dan didn’t join the SWAT team in storming Stephen’s barricaded room, he claims he helped out in a different (and far less violent) way. After discovering a badly injured woman, he picked her up and rushed her to a nearby hospital. “I don’t know the extent of her injuries,” he said afterward, as he didn’t stick around long enough. Instead, he jumped back in the fray, heading back to see how he could help out the more than 500 people injured by this terrible shooting

What do you think about Dan begging a cop to give him a gun, HollywoodLifers? Isn’t that shocking?

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