Dammy Krane: Singer opens up on prison ordeal

Posted on Sep 28 2017 - 5:06am by admin

After months of waiting, Dammy Krane is back and we finally get to hear the true tale of his arrest and arraignment from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

The singer who was arraigned on charges of credit card fraud, spoke about his experience during a recent interview with Linda Ikejis TV.

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Dammy Kraneplay

Dammy Krane in the private jet



Krane was quick to point out that the whole issue had been as a result of a misunderstanding, and that he has been cleared of all charges leveled against him.

He also noted that we could get all the details of his ordeal from his latest video titled “Prayer.”

When asked to speak about the people he had expected assistance from but did not come through for him, Krane said he had expected nothing from anyone and that those that mattered, his immediate family as well as his “second family” namely 2Face Idibia and Davido to name a few, came through for him.

According to him, his experience had both negative and positive effects on his career, explaining that he is even more popular than he used to be.

Dammy Krane on the wings of a private jetplay

Dammy Krane on the wings of a private jet



Asked what his plans are, now that he has returned to the country, Krane explained that he has a back to school campus tour he would be working on.

He said that he felt that the tour is crucial as he has become an example for youths seeing as blacks all over the world are labelled as fraudulent.

Thankfully, his case had an happy ending.

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The “Amin” singer blamed the agent who booked the jet for the issues, hoping that the experience would serve as a pointer for all agents worldwide.

Watch the whole interview above

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