Daddy Showkey: Veteran singer appeals to Psquare duo to end their beef

Posted on Sep 22 2018 - 4:56pm by admin

Veteran Nigerian musician, Daddy Showkey, has called on Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, both known as Psquare, to end their beef.

In an Instagram appeal, Showkey called on the musicians to think about their children and what their relationship will be in the future.

He wrote, “@peterpsquare (Peter & Paul ) @rudeboypsquare Pls stand down, Unity things! Think about your Children and what you guys are doing to them, because of what is going on between you 2 , you are depriving them of childhood memory’s together so think well my brothers there is nothing Like unity & Peace so you guys should think well about this,” as caption to his appeal video.


The duo of Psquare have broken up twice due to irreconcilable differences since they began their professional career in 2013 under the management of their elder brother, Jude Okoye.

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Peter and Paul first broke up in 2014 and after much pressure, reunited to continue as a team under the name Psquare.

Paul Okoye says his twin brother insults his wife and kidsplay

Peter said his twin brother will insult his wife and family at will in public and expect a performance with him without even an apology.


However, three years after the first breakup, in 2017, the twins went their separate ways.

Peter, who is now known as Mr P and Paul aka Rudeboy have since charted a new cause in building their careers as solo artistes.

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Daddy Showkey is considering running for elective office

Daddy Showkey has revealed that he might consider running for elective office in the nearest future.

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The veteran singer was a guest at Ebuka’s “Rubbin Minds” where he shared his future aspiration. According to him, because he holds Ajejunle close to his heart, there might be a possibility of him getting involved in politics.

“One day…yes now in my house. I’m not doing it because of the intention that i want to run for politics but right now with the situation that I am seeing in my neighborhood because Ajegunle is the most important place for me, maybe I might consider,” he said.

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