Daddy Freeze: OAP and Samklef start war over mad man who got healed at RCCG

Posted on Jan 22 2018 - 6:11am by admin

Daddy Freeze engaged Samklef in a heated argument that saw the pair exchange insulting expressions, suggesting the start of a beef.

The On-Air Personality was seen to have responded to a post that talked about a mentally unstable being healed at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on Instagram.

His comment got the attention of beat maker Samklef who wrote, “It’s getting boring.”

This prompted a war of words as one party attacked the other’s relevance in music, the same reaction followed as the record producer questioned Daddy Freeze’s intelligence while also tagging him as a hypocrite.

A snapshot of Daddy Freeze's conversation with

A snapshot of Daddy Freeze’s conversation with Samklef.


Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze has consistently garnered attention for his criticism when it concerns the practise of Christianity in Nigeria.

In year 2017, he made the news round regularly after starting a debate on tithing. In his submission, sacrificing 10 percent of one’s income is not compulsory as opposed to what most Christian leaders have preached.

First fruit is Fraud - Daddy freezeplay

”First fruit is fraud” – Daddy freeze



This created a division of opinion concerning Daddy Freeze’s position. Some Christians were seen in online platforms to have supported while others maintained their approval when it concerns paying tithe.

Daddy Freeze versus Timi Dakolo

One of the OAP’s popular online spat happened with singer, Timi Dakolo.

He made the latter a subject of his criticism on social media following the songster’s position on marriage.

The singer seemed to disagree with the presenter about the union between a husband and wife. He feels it should be a lifetime commitment but the OAP appeared to have felt insulted by his comment.


Daddy Freeze.


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Daddy Freeze who is a divorcee questioned Dakolo’s knowledge regarding the concept of marriage. He stated in his response that he is in a better position to give an advice about it considering that he was married for a period of ten years.

He also berated the vocalist for patronizing pastors who have been the subject of his rather aggressive sermons on how the Church has become a centre of financial gain as opposed to where Christians are nurtured with the right doctrine which should focus on a concern for the needy.

His epic clap back, “Sorry, but I’m not big on pulpit puppets,” appeared to be proof of how unimpressed he was with Timi Dakolo’s submission.

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