CRINGE! Macron takes cheesy SELFIE with May after UK's £45m Calais deal

Posted on Jan 19 2018 - 8:05pm by admin

Prime Minister Theresa May posted the cheesy image, which re-enacted Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscars selfie, on Twitter along with a gushing tweet to celebrate her “entente chaleureuse” – meaning “warm agreement” – with Mr Macron. 

The snap was taken on stage at the V&A museum where the leaders rubbed shoulders with celebrities after Mrs May buckled to pressure and agreed to stump up an additional £45million to bolster Calais border security. 

Clearly happy with her agreement, Mrs May captioned the image: “At the @V_and_A last night @EmmanuelMacron and I were proud to celebrate the extraordinary values and the talented people who link our countries. 

“More than a century on from the ‘entente cordiale’ let us celebrate our own ‘entente chaleureuse’. #UKFRsummit

But furious Twitter fans took to social media to blast the “appallingly cringeworthy” post, which has attracted more than 3.5million retweets. 

One simply said: “That £45 million smile.”

Another tweeted: “Pass me the bucket!” 

A Twitter user added: “It’s no wonder he looks so happy….absolutely appalling!” 

A tweet read: “Le President of France loves selfies! Who would have guessed? Loves himself more than anything else, clearly. Pity our PM handed over even more blackmail money when he demanded. She really is a sad soft touch.” 

Another added: “Grinning his face off at the thought of the millions coming to France to pay for something the French should be doing.” 

The multi-million pound agreement comes after Emmanuel Macron threatened to scrap the 2003 Le Touquet agreement during his election campaign, which would throw the fragile border relations into chaos.

During the meeting the pair discussed the future relationship between the UK and France after Brexit. 

Mrs May said; “There will be a different relationship in future, a different balance of rights and responsibilities and we have been very clear about that.

“But I believe that it is actually in the interests not just of the United Kingdom but also of the European Union as it goes forward to continue to have a good economic relationship and partnership with the UK.”

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