Cough? Get rid of your cold or flu symptoms with this simple home trick

Posted on Mar 7 2018 - 5:09pm by admin

Coughs usually clear up by themselves within three weeks, according to the NHS.

They’re usually caused by cold or flu viruses. But, smoking, heartburn and allergies could all lead to developing a cough.

Some cough medicines may help to reduce symptoms of a bad cough.

But, you could also get rid of your condition by simply using a few extra pillows when you’re sleeping, a family medicine doctor has claimed.

“A cough that results from a virus can’t be treated with antibiotics. You can, however, soothe it in other ways,” said Dr George Krucik.

“Elevate your head with extra pillows when sleeping.”

Propping your head up may give your airways some extra breathing room.

Alternatively, try sleeping in a recliner chair.

You could also help to treat a cough by drinking plenty of fluids, Krucik said.

Gargling hot, salty water could remove mucus, and soothe your throat.

Also, try adding honey or ginger to hot tea to clear your airways.

Soothe your throat and reduce symptoms by sucking on cough sweets, or by using cough medicines.

Speak to a pharmacist if you have a cough, the NHS said.

They can give you advice on treatments, including syrups and lozenges.

See a GP if you cough persists for longer than three weeks.

If you cough gets worse very quickly, or if you have chest pain, you should see a doctor.

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