Corbyn’s ‘bankrupt vision of socialism’ will bring ‘CHAOS’ to the UK – Tories warn

Posted on Dec 31 2018 - 4:40pm by admin

Jeremy Corbyn residing in 10 Downing Street would take the country back to the dark ages and threat the stability of the economy, according to Tory Party chairman Brandon Lewis. In a scathing assessment Mr Lewis said: “Corbyn taking charge of the country would see it run into the ground. “After years of being bankrolled by union barons, the Labour Party would be at their beck and call, meaning chaos for working people.

“All Corbyn and his union friends offer are failed ideas that didn’t work in the past and would leave working families paying the price with higher taxes, more debt and fewer jobs.”

Mr Corbyn has been a life-long supporter of trade unions and has outlined plans to bring private rail companies back into public ownership after their franchises expired.

A move which they believe can be achieved in just five years, has been widely criticised and branded “anti-enterprise”.

Trade unions have a significant influence in shaping policy within the party as they are one of their biggest backers with figures showing Unite the Union, led by Len McCluskey has pumped more than £13.6million into party, according to Electoral Commission figures.

The Labour leader fuelled more fire into the Tories by proposing to give workers the right to take “sympathy” action in support of strikers abroad, threatening the prospect of more widespread walk-outs.

Industrial action will also be made easier with plans to scrap the Trade Union Act, which requires a 50 percent turn-out in strike ballots and gives bosses at least two weeks’ notice before any action.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Elizabeth Truss said: “This is further proof Labour would undermine everything that has made our country successful.

“They are anti-aspiration, anti-enterprise and anti-worker.

“Instead of focusing on what matters, such as growing the economy, creating jobs and boosting wages, John McDonnell would bring Britain to its knees with permanent strikes disrupting travel, schools and the NHS.”

Meanwhile Former International Development Secretary Priti Patel said people should be “fearful” of a Corbyn led country stating they would be held to ransom by a “campaign of blackmail” by workers “in pursuit of their morally bankrupt vision of socialism”.

She also warned of further industrial action far worse than the “winter of discontent” which has seen widespread walkout on the railways, a recent three-day strike at Southern Rail was estimated to have cost £135million.

However Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has defended the plans, he said: “Our programme of workplace reform will restore the balance between employer and worker, and it will do so by installing basic trade union rights in law again.”

A Labour spokesman added: “Under the Tories, trade unions have been relentlessly attacked and, as a result, workers have lost out.”

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