Corbynista ice cream but thin fare for vegans

Posted on Jun 17 2018 - 2:26pm by admin

The Labour leader was cheered by fans as he walked through the north London park.

And the mostly white, middle-aged crowd praised ‘their guy’ Corbyn as they queued for food and enjoyed free trades union-supplied ice cream.

Around the White Hart Recreation Ground in Wood Green, stewards handed out party flags, and Jeremy Corbyn Christmas cards were on sale for £5 for a pack of five.

Alongside the flags, were stickers reading ‘B****cks to Brexit’, and ‘COR-BYN’.

The festival was split mainly between a music stage and Solidarity tent – where heroes of the modern Left, such as Guardian columnist Owen Jones, delivered speeches.

MP David Lammy was a speaker, as was comedian Eddie Izzard, who said: “If you hate the Tories give me a loud cheer”.

The crowd of about 50 gave a ragged reponse. And Corbynistas couldn’t raise themselves to dance as The Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen roared out from the speakers.

And there was dissent at the bar. Steve Maxwell, 51, complained: “These are Tory prices you’re charging here.”

Meanwhile, Zack Sabre, 28, of nearby Hackney, blasted the festival for its lack of vegan options.

The professional wrestler said: “The atmosphere has been good, but where are the plant-based options.”

Young party supporters reacted excitedly to the day’s lineup, headlined by the band Clean Bandit.

Bill Redshaw, 18, said: “Music and the Labour Party are one and the same. Honestly I would have come from anywhere to see this today – Corbyn is such a legend.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m not too sussed out with the whole anti-Semitic thing.

“Look, if I met Corbyn I would discuss tea with him – especially green tea.”

Student Finley Chatterton, 18, who came by coach from Skegness, Lincolnshire, said: “I identify as a socialist… I couldn’t get any mates to come but I knew I had to be here.”

Alan Joyce said: “I came here because I had to, it’s my daughter. Where is the bar?”

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