Corbyn urged to back second Brexit vote by Momentum members desperate for him to WIN power

Posted on Jun 25 2018 - 4:14am by admin

Members of hard-left group Momentum are among those urging the Labour Party to steer away from a “kamikaze” Tory Brexit by supporting a “people’s vote” on the final deal with Brussels.

The Remainers plans for ‘Labour for a People’s Vote’ call for an “option to stay in the EU should voters reject it”.

The group, which also contains members of the left-wing Momentum organisation that supports Mr Corbyn, wants the party to put clear distance between itself and the Tories.

It wants Labour’s official position to be one of voting against Prime Minister’s Theresa May’s final Brexit deal if it does not meet the party’s “six tests”.

The group will then campaign for “a public vote on the deal, with an option to stay in the EU should voters reject it”.

But it says its first priority is the election of a “radical Labour government”.

Momentum member Michael Chessum, who worked on Mr Corbyn’s second leadership campaign, is a supporter of the group.

He revealed his push for a “radical Labour government,” saying: “We have no interest in undermining the current leadership – quite the opposite.

“Tory Brexit would be a disaster for the prospects of a radical Labour government – it would deregulate and shrink the economy and attack working class people and migrants.

“We cannot ignore that any longer – and many people who are not die-hard Remainers will be reaching the same conclusion.”

Ann Pettifor, who was appointed by Mr Corbyn in 2015 to a panel of experts advising Labour on economic policy, is also a supporter of the group.

An economist who has advised Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and transport union boss Manuel Cortes have signed up to Labour for a People’s Vote.

Mr Cortes, general secretary of the TSSA, said recent concerns over Brexit raised by Airbus, Siemens and the CBI were “a wake-up call for our movement to fight it tooth and nail”.

He added: “The only Brexit on offer by the Tories is a kamikaze one. It will destroy jobs, our manufacturing industry and workers’ rights.

“Make no mistake – high-priest Brexiteers, from (Nigel) Farage to Iain Duncan Smith, want to finish off the job Thatcher started. Their hatred of our class is renowned and we must fight them, giving them no quarter.

“There is nothing in Brexit for working people. That’s why we are now seeing an increasing number of trade unions coming out against it.”

The group also describes a Norway-style EEA deal after Brexit as “untenable” and argues that “the effects of Brexit would make the prospects for a socialist Labour government much worse”.

Around 100,000 people marched across London on Saturday calling for a “people’s vote” on the final Brexit deal.

They included Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable, ex-Labour NEC member and actor Tony Robinson and Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas.

However Jeremy Corbyn was a no show as he is currently in the Middle East, visiting Jordan refugee camps.

Crowds could be heard chanting “Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?” in frustration at the Labour leader.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell was in London but did not attend, instead telling a conference of the Open Labour grassroots group he would prefer a general election to a second referendum if a Brexit deal cannot be agreed and approved before the UK leaves the bloc.

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