Corbyn is ‘threat to UK defence’

Posted on Jul 2 2018 - 3:29am by admin

The Opposition leader said a Labour government would “chart a proactive, independent course to help achieve peace” and end what he described as a “bomb first, talk later” approach to worldwide affairs.

Speaking at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan last week, he said: “Under a Labour government, the UK will chart an independent, but multilateral course, in international policy.”

Calling for Britain “to take a step back from US policy” he accused President Trump of being “increasingly erratic and contradictory” and said Britain “would use a more independent stance to help bring to the negotiating table all the major parties to the conflict, under an inclusive UN-led process, combining the Geneva and Astana processes.”

He added: “The talks would seek to engage all parties without preconditions.”

It comes after Mr Corbyn called for NATO to be “closed down” in 2014 and a year later admitted: “I’d rather we weren’t in it.”

His latest intervention appears to contradict Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith who last week told The Royal United Services Institute: “NATO remains the cornerstone of our defence and our security”.

Conservative MP Bob Seely MP, said Mr Corbyn posed a “grave threat to our defence and security.

“The UK has always worked with our allies and NATO for the security of our citizens and country,” he said.

“Labour would not back our Armed Forces, they have broken their promise over renewing Trident, and would turn their back on our closest allies.”

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