Corbyn humiliated as pictures show ABYSMAL turnout to national rally in Parliament Square

Posted on Jul 26 2019 - 4:18am by admin

Jeremy Corbyn spoke to a crowd of at least 300 people rallying against Government in Parliament Square on Thursday. Images show protesters holding placards saying ‘No to racism, No to Boris Johnson’. However, the new Prime Minister has appointed more ethnic minority politicians to his Cabinet than any other leader in the country in history.

In pictures, protesters appear to fill “a quarter” of the square despite it being a nationally organised rally.

During the protest, Mr Corbyn called for a general election as he claimed Mr Johnson has “no plan” to tackle Britain’s problems.

The Labour leader claimed the new Conservative Government has “the hardest right-wing Cabinet I have ever seen”.

Mr Corbyn said: “In reality the vote we need is the vote of the people, both to reject Brexit and to elect a Labour government for the future.

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“For all the arm-waving bluster of the Prime Minister this morning, what came out of it very, very clearly is this: There is no plan to deal with Brexit, there is no plan to deal with the crisis in public services all across Britain.”

His attack comes after Mr Johnson addressed Commons as Prime Minister for the first time earlier that day.

Mr Johnson tore into Mr Corbyn for abandoning his hatred of the EU and now backs Remains.

He said: “A most extraordinary thing has just happened today. Did anybody notice?

“Did anybody notice the terrible metamorphosis that took place, like the final scene of Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers?

“At last, this long-standing Eurosceptic has been captured. He has been jugulated — he has been reprogrammed.

“He has been turned now into a Remainer.

“Of all the flip-flops that he has performed in his tergiversating career, that is the one for which I think he will pay the highest price.”

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