Corbyn facing ANOTHER rebellion as Labour MPs demand Norway model for Brexit Britain

Posted on Jun 13 2018 - 12:17pm by admin

Around 70 Labour hard line MPs are expected to back the so called Norway option on Wednesday with Britain entering the European Economic Area, which is forced to take on rules from Brussels.

The hapless Labour leader has so far refused to back the option but appeared powerless to prevent another massive rebellion by Remainers on his benches who want to ignore the will of the British people.

Ahead of the debate, Mr Corbyn said Labour “cannot settle” for a Norway-style deal for the United Kingdom.

Mr Corbyn’s frontbench has already tabled amendments to the bill – as an alternative to one added by the Lords – aimed at delivering the same benefits as single market membership.

In a Facebook post, he said the Norway model would mean taking rules from Brussels without a role in making them, and would not help either set up a new customs union with the EU or avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland.

The opposition leader said: “We cannot settle for this. Labour will only vote for a final Brexit deal if it delivers a strong relationship with the Single Market based on full tariff-free access and ensures no loss of rights and standards.

“Together with a new customs union, that would ensure a strong and balanced package to protect UK jobs and living standards, put a floor under rights and protections and ensure no hard border.”

Meanwhile, Brexiteers on the Labour benches led by former minister Caroline Flint, have sent a stinging letter to Mr Corbyn demanding that he does not cave into Remainer demands.

The latest row is a sign that Labour has yet to manage to have an agreed coherent policy on Brexit with the leadership already performing at least 15 U-turns at the behest of the party’s shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer.

It is also feared that there are secret plans to try and force Mr Corbyn to back a second referendum on the issue, which Remainers believe will give them a chance to kill off Brexit.

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