Corbyn ATTACKED by Labour MP in accusation of ‘anti-Semitism and racism’ after NEC ruling

Posted on Jul 18 2018 - 4:53am by admin

Dame Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP for Barking since 1994 and former minister within Tony Blair’s Government, confronted the Labour leader following a key vote on Brexit in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

According to the Huffington Post, Dame Margaret said: “You’re a f***ing anti-Semite and a racist.

“You have proved you don’t want people like me in the party.”

Mr Corbyn is believed to have responded simply: “I’m sorry you feel like that.”

The former minister expressed her anger over the decision of Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) to agree on a new code of conduct on anti-Semitism despite widespread criticism from the Jewish community.

Jewish MPs and leaders including the Chief Rabbi have expressed concern that the new code of conduct differs from the internationally acknowledged version outlined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

A Labour Party source commented to the Mail on Dame Margaret’s outburst, stating: “She was aggressive, Jeremy was calm.

“Other MPs who were there were upset by it.”

The original code of conduct and definition of anti-Semitism has been adopted by the UK Government, along with the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales, the Crown Prosecution Service and 124 local authorities.

However the Labour Party decided to change four specific scenarios outlined in the original code of conduct, amid claims the Labour Party is seeking to avoid stifling debate surrounding Israel’s treatment of Palestine.

Eddie Izzard, comedian and NEC member, commented on the situation, stating: “I spoke at today’s Labour Party NEC meeting to make clear my very strong view that the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and all its examples needed to be adopted in full.

“Perception is everything and to be perceived at the moment as anything other than in support of the Jewish community is wrong.

“At the NEC we agreed to re-open the code of conduct and I will continue to press strongly for the adoption of the IHRA and all its examples in full.”

Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband, who is Jewish, also criticised the NEC’s ruling, and urged them to adopt the IHRA’s code of conduct in full.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Labour should adopt the full IHRA definition.

“The argument that it is somehow incompatible with criticising the actions of the Israeli government is wrong.

“The views of the vast majority of the Jewish community are very clear. I would urge the NEC to get on with this at speed.”

The Labour Party’s deputy leader Tom Watson also reportedly expressed his opposition to the ruling at the NEC’s meeting on Monday.

He is believed to have said: “Are we serious about dealing with anti-Semitism?

“We need to grip this issue and close it down.

“The people who will judge us on this are the Jewish community and rightly so.”

Dame Margaret’s grandmother and uncle were both murdered in the Holocaust.

She will now be referred to Labour Party whips and will likely be invited to a meeting with Mr Corbyn to clarify her concerns.

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