Corbyn ATTACK: Owen Jones fury as Rachel Riley uses HIS Nazi-egg tweet – 'In the GUTTER!'

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The trio became the protagonist of a furious row on Twitter after Ms Riley seemingly criticised the journalist’s different takes on yesterday’s physical aggression against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and a similar attack against Nick Griffin in 2009. The TV presenter published the screenshot of a tweet from Mr Jones dated January 10, 2019, in which he referenced the attack and said: “Oh: I think an egg was thrown at him actually. I think sound life advice is, if you don’t want eggs thrown at you, don’t be a Nazi. Seems fair to me.” 

The screenshot, which referred to the events taking place in July 2009, when Mr Griffin was pelted with eggs and called “Nazi scum” during a press conference, came with Ms Riley’s snarky comment, which read “Good advice.”

The TV presenter has been speaking out regarding the allegations of anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

Mr Jones said drawing similarities between the two events was simply wrong, as it labelled the leader of the opposition a Nazi and it undermined the seriousness of the attack.  

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The journalist, addressing his message to Ms Riley, wrote: “A Brexiteer protester threw an egg at Jeremy Corbyn outside the same mosque which was attacked in 2017 by a far-right terrorist, whose main motive was murdering Corbyn himself.

“The tweet you’re quoting refers to Nick Griffin, *an actual Nazi*. You’re in the absolute gutter.”

In another tweet, he wrote: “If @RachelRileyRR thinks it’s acceptable to compare refusing to condemn an anti-fascist egging a Nazi with a rightwing protester egging Corbyn – who she is de facto calling a Nazi – outside a mosque targeted by a far-right terrorist who wanted him dead, she has no moral compass.”

Two hours after, when more details regarding the attack against Mr Corbyn emerged, Mr Jones added: “Do you think it’s probably time to delete your tweet and apologise, @RachelRileyRR?” 

Ms Riley’s tweet was picked up by Mr Cleverly, MP for Braintree and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, who published under it an animated image showing a woman cheering.

Mr Jones addressed the reaction of Mr Cleverly, writing: “Here’s the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party cheering on the attack.

“Do you think as we find out more about this incident and the attacker, you might be better off deleting this tweet and apologising now @JamesCleverly?”

The Tory MP replied: “I’m not cheering the attack, I’m highlighting your hypocrisy. 

“You justified a similar attack on Nick Griffin because you don’t like him and find his politics distasteful.

“I don’t justify physical attacks on people, ever. See the difference?”

Mr Corbyn was assaulted by a man who was initially believed to have thrown an egg at him outside a mosque in Finsbury Park.

The same area was the theatre of an anti-Muslim attack in 2017, when Darren Osborne killed one person and injured nine more by running them over with a van. 

Hours later it emerged that Mr Corbyn’s attacker may have hit him on the head while holding an egg in his fist.

Scotland Yard has charged John Murphy, 31, from Barnet, with assault by beating.

The man allegedly shouted “when you vote you get what you vote for”, leading to believe he had been angered by Mr Corbyn’s decision to back a second Brexit referendum.    

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