Corbyn and Sturgeon are ‘YOKEMATES to destruction’ – Boris issued stern election warning

Posted on Nov 8 2019 - 7:34am by admin

He claimed “cynical” tariffs on whisky would vanish if the UK left the EU. Mr Johnson then accused Labour and the SNP of agreeing a “shady deal” for another independence ballot. He dismissed Miss Sturgeon’s claim that he would find the case for allowing another vote “irresistible” if the SNP win the most Scottish seats on December 12. 

Asked if he could give a cast-iron pledge that he would not agree to another referendum, he said: “Absolutely. 

“People were promised in 2014 that it would be a once in a generation event.” 

Reacting to Labour’s statement that they would do no deals with the SNP, Mr Johnson said: “Pull the other one – it’s got bells on. 

“It’s perfectly obvious that Jeremy Corbyn will rely on the SNP to get him into power and to do that he’s done a shady deal to have a second referendum.” 

Mr Johnson also said he has “interceded” with Donald Trump to get US whisky tariffs dropped – an issue he claimed was a “cynical” act by the EU. 

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