Clocks change 2018: How does the clock going forward affect your health?

Posted on Mar 26 2018 - 4:42am by admin

Clocks go forward tonight as the UK changes from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to British Summer Time (BST).

They change on Sunday March 25 at 1am, meaning it will become 2am and Britons get one less hour of sleep.

It also means the evenings are to get lighter as it marks the beginning of spring.

But what other problems and side affects can the clocks change have on the body’s health?

Sleep deprivation

Losing an hour of sleep can cause sleep deprivation and tiredness, making the body feel more sluggish.

A number of things can help Britons get better sleep in lieu of the extra hour.

Sleeping naked, having a hot bath and meditating before going to bed can help calm the body drop off.

Otherwise natural remedies such as valerian, a flowering plant, can relax the mind and body.

Heart attacks

A study by the University of Alabama found heart attack risks to increase by 10 per cent on the day after the clocks go forward.

The Monday that follows sees people having 40 minutes less sleep which increases the stress on the body.


It can increase the risk of a stroke, according to research in Finland.

The University of Turku found that the risk of a stroke was 8 per cent high after the clocks changed, with people over the age of 65 more than 20 per cent more likely.

Dr. Jori Ruuskanen, study author told CNN: “Previous studies have also shown that the disruption of the circadian clock due to other reasons (e.g. due to rotating shift work) and sleep fragmentation are associated with an increased risk of stroke.”

Skin problems

The lack of sleep can also cause problems for the skin, according to Candice Brown at London Bridge Plastic Surgery.

She told The Mirror: “Any disruptions to this circadian rhythm, however small, can have a real impact on our health, particularly to our skin.”

It is advised to use a strong overnight cream to protest the skin, as well as avoiding caffeine and eating meals slightly earlier than usual.

This can all prevent the body being thrown off by the time shift.

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