Charlotte Crosby activewear: Former Geordie Shore star reveals how split from Stephen Bear helped ‘kickstart heartbreak diet’ as she releases new gym range with In The Style

Posted on Feb 2 2018 - 4:18am by admin

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear in happier times togetherCharlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear split in 2017 [Getty]

Charlotte Crosby – who found fame on reality TV show Geordie Shore with co-star Gary Beadle  – recently split from Stephen Bear.

The reality star turned TV personality and her Just Tattoo Of Us co-star went their separate ways at the end of 2017, after dating for nearly a year. 

However, the 27-year-old millionaire has exclusively revealed to OK! Online how her heartbreak diet kickstarted and how exercise helped her through the tough time. 

Holly Hagan’s best friend explained: “The heartbreak diet kickstarted me.” 

charlotte crosbyCharlotte admitted the break up helped kickstart her [Instagram]

Charlotte Crosby has been getting sentimental tweeting about everlasting loveThe newly single star has released a new activewear range [Getty]

She added: “And working out clears my head.” 

Charlotte is now releasing her second activewear collection with In The Style, a brand the star has worked with many times before. 

Talking about the range, Charlotte explained: “My new collection is an update on my activewear range to give girls something new to train in for the new year. 

“I definitely think nice activewear makes you more motivated to get to the gym.”

Charlotte Crosby releases second activewear range with InTheStyleCharlotte Crosby releases second activewear range with InTheStyle [PH]

And while many people are seeing 2018 as the year to get fit, everyone knows how hard it is to stay motivated. 

Talking about her personal motivation, Charlotte revealed “never ever wanting to go back” to how she looked when she was at her biggest is how she stays motivated. 

She added: “I lost the weight because I got to a point where I felt rank, I had no energy and my confidence was low.  

“My mam was the one who really challenged me and told me I was out of control with the junk I was eating, that was the wake-up call I needed!”

Charlotte Crosby releases second activewear range with InTheStyleCharlotte Crosby confesses not wanting to return to her previous size is her biggest motivation  [PH]

Recently, Love Island’s Amber Davies was slammed by some for wearing a full face of makeup when she works out. 

Speaking about the controversy, Charlotte shared: “I can’t be bothered to put make up on to go to the gym,  to be honest I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to putting make up on, if I’m not working or going out I can’t be bothered with it. 

“But I would never call anyone out for wanting to look glam in the gym, everyone’s different.” 

Amber Davies, Kady McDermott and Gabby Allen are among new reality TV stars who are also releasing fitness programmes, however, Charlotte confesses that she loves the competitiveness. 

Charlotte Crosby releases second activewear range with InTheStyleCharlotte Crosby admits to loving competition in the industry  [PH]

When asked what she thinks, the star said: “Well I am insanely competitive, so I love it!” 

You can now shop Charlotte’s Activewear 3.0 collection at In The Style. 

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