Celebrity Lifestyle: Peter Okoye vs Timaya, battle of exotic mansions

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If you are conversant with the popular T.V. show ‘MTV Cribs’ which used to air back in the early 2000s then you would at least have an understanding of how celebrities live in affluence.

Back home in Nigeria, we have a number of celebrities who have probably taken a cue from their counterparts in diaspora by building or buying magnificent mansions.

Celebrities like Peter Okoye and reggae dancer hall king, Timaya are typical examples of celebrities who have palatial homes and are not keeping it away from the eyes of the public. Apart from leaving in sprawling mansions, these guys have some of the most expensive cars in the country (a topic for another day).

Timaya's new houseplay

Timaya’s new house



A few months ago, Timaya who until recently lived a very private life shared photos of his mansion it got people talking. A close look at the mansion from the exterior shows the property was carefully designed to the tiniest detail.

Timaya's new houseplay

Timaya’s new house

(Stella Dimorkukus)


We couldn’t wait for him to take us into the magnificent building which he did and we weren’t surprised but amazed at the interior of the house which felt like paradise on earth. Even the sitting room for his kids can pass for the boardroom for a multinational (Yea! It is that big).

Inside Timaya's new houseplay

Inside Timaya’s new house

(Stella Dimorkorkus)

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Timaya was one of the hosts at MTV Base‘s ‘Celebrity Living‘ and he got to show his closet and guys, his closet is so big, it can house a studio and smaller mini apartment!

Peter Okoye's houseplay

Peter Okoye’s house



For Peter Okoye, this guy has always lived a very classy lifestyle since fame hit him. So it wasn’t a surprise when Peter moved into a mansion after leaving the house (SquareVille) he once shared with his twin brother, Paul.

Peter Okoye's Atlanta apartmentplay

Peter Okoye’s Atlanta apartment

(Instagram )


During one of MTV Base’s show ‘Celebrity Living’ episode, Peter got to show to the world his mansion and we were all in awe. From his massive living to his kitchen which is all white and red, we got to see how stylish Peter is. We can’t also forget his studio which also doubles as his mini cinema, guys, Peter Okoye is indede living the life!

Timaya's houseplay

Timaya’s house

(Stella Dimorkukus)


It is one thing to become a celebrity and amass all the wealth, it is definitely another thing to be stylish and classy. We have in the last few years observed that Peter Okoye and Timaya are celebrities who aren’t just household names but also men with taste and they will continue to wow us with their flamboyant lifestyle.

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