Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Viewers SLAM Ginuwine as he leaves Ashley James ‘terrified’ with ‘creepy’ comments

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This attempt at seduction didn’t go down well…

Ashley James and Ginuwine on Celebrity Big Brother, 14 January 2018

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 viewers have hit out at Ginuwine for his ‘creepy’ attempts to seduce Ashley James on Sunday night’s show.

The singer was sitting on the sofa watching Ashley when he started singing ‘tonight’s the night’ and pointing at her crotch area, leaving Ashley confused and uncomfortable.

‘She’s finally gonna give in,’ Ginuwine, 47, said as Ashley sat down beside him and he stroked her leg.

Ashley, 30, then replied: ‘She’s not.’

Later on the former Made In Chelsea star told the female housemates about what had happened and admitted it had made her feel uneasy.

‘I’m slightly terrified of G today,’ Ashley explained to some of the other women before revealing what he’d done.

A visibly shocked Rachel Johnson called his behaviour ‘uncool’ and said: ‘That is not the way to treat a lady.’


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Fans watching at home weren’t impressed either and many were quick to slam Ginuwine for his antics.

‘Did anyone else think that was super creepy of Ginuwine to basically point at Ashley’s vagina and say tonight’s the night …wtf. #CelebrityBigBrother #CelebBB,’ one Twitter user wrote, whilst another added: ‘Ginuwine is such a sleeze idk why Ashley was even interested in him in the first place… #CBB’

And one posted: ‘I don’t think Ashley is over reacting about Ginuwine. He spoke to her like a piece of meat. She is totally right to feel weird around him now lol #cbb’

Meanwhile others have called for the show to stop focusing on the duo, with many viewers labelling their flirtation a ‘showmance’.

These fans might get their wish as Sunday night’s incident seems to have put a halt to the budding relationship.

Ashley later spoke of how she didn’t want things to go beyond just flirting as she’s trying to avoid getting her heart broken.

‘He’s said he’s a womaniser. This isn’t flirting fun, I need to protect myself. I know it’s in my insecurities,’ she explained.

‘I have put all my past into it and i’m like run, run, run. The moment I sense anything, I’m gone. Now I’m being that pathetic person reading into everything.’

Looks like this one could be over before it even began, then.

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