Celebrating Olamide’s 30th birthday with 30 of his best songs

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Olamide’s appeal especially on the mainland where he is god stretches across cultures and social barriers and his message resonates loudly with his fans.

Since he made his industry debut in 2011 with the lead single, ‘Eni Duro’ off his debut album, ”Rapsodi”, Olamide has grown into a force that cannot be stopped with his reputation hitting the ceilings with every passing year that has seen him constantly evolve and up the ante of his art.

His work ethic and penchant for dropping an album every year since his debut is one that has also made him renowned as he has since released seven studio solo albums, [Rapsodi (2011), YBNL (2012), Baddest Guy Ever Liveth (2013), Street OT (2014), Eyan Mayweather (2015), The Glory (2016) and Lagos Nawa (2017)].

Art cover for Olamide’s ‘Eyan Mayweather’ album [ITunes/Olamide]

He also has the collaborative album, ”2Kings” with Phyno in 2015 and a group album, ”YBNL Mafia Family” [2018] with every album scoring chart-topping hits that have lifted him to become one of the most successful artists of his generation.

Another attribute that has earned Olamide praise is how he has helped in grooming new artists introducing the likes of Adekunle Gold and Lil Kesh, who have both enjoyed successful spells and presently honing talents like Picazo Rhap, Yomi Blaze, Temmie Ovwasa, Fireboy DML and more.

To celebrate Olamide’s 30th birthday, we take a look at 30 of his greatest hit songs over the years. 

1. Eni Duro

This was the song that set the ball rolling for Olamide. A street anthem, a chest thumping record, fiercely delivered, one that announced his coming and true to his words, many could not stand as he made his presence felt on the scene.

2. Omo Toh San feat Wizkid

His first ever collaboration with Wizkid which featured on his debut album has Olamide stunting with this pop banger.

3. Apa Ti Jabo feat ID Cabasa

With producer ID Cabasa providing vocal support, Olamide brings back the hunger of his rap flow on this no-chorus eerie heavy drums as he raps boastfully about bringing fear to his foes.

4. Voice of the Street

From his YBNL album, Olamide lays a legitimate claim to being the ‘Voice of the streets’ as he declares how revered he has become in the industry and addresses his critics.

”Negative energy won lo ma pa won bi cancer”

5. Ilefo Illuminati

There is an eeriness that has always been associated with Olamide which in a way fuels his street credibility and at the height of rumors associated with the influence of the Illuminati group, Olamide released this one where he employs occult like sounds and visuals to brag about his might.

6. Stupid Love

As Olamide’s career hit different milestones, he began to deliver heavy club anthems and ‘Stupid Love’ is one of those songs that you can’t help but dance to.

7. First of All

Another club banger that sees Olamide take inspiration from the trending sounds on the street.

8. Anifowose

In one of his really introspective songs, Olamide samples Fuji King, Kwam 1‘s ‘Anifowoshe’ to tell the story of his upbringing and surviving in the slums with the visuals accurately depicting the message of the song.

9. Eleda Mi O

Olamide sure knows how to start a party and he got everyone praying along on this one even while stepping onto the dancefloor.

10. Sitting on the Throne

The throne is only fit for royalty and after consistently setting himself apart, Olamide takes the highest seat as he declares himself King.

11. Turn Up

Another groovy record that became an instant anthem at every event and festivals. It is near impossible to hear the beat to this song and not obey the call to ‘Turn Up,’

12. Durosoke

This was one of the songs that forever altered the career of the Bariga bred rapper and set him on the path to actively churning out his ‘Wobe’ sounds. ‘Durosoke’ is that groovy and infectious song where he introduced a different side to his brand.

13. Goons Mi

‘Goons Mi’ is that song crafted to drive fear through your hearts and it works. From the ”Streets OT” album, Olamide reinforces that he has an army of fans behind him.

14. Story For The Gods

The controversial record which had some lines from its verses criticized for promoting rape is another one that proved a favorite when spinned at the clubs.

15. Eyan Mayweather

Following from records like ‘Sitting on the throne’, Olamide compares himself to the then boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, as he ascribes to himself the industry’s version of Mayweather.

16. Matters Arising

Another of his very few reflective moments finds him talking about events happening around him. From the many gossips to addressing his critics.

17. Lagos Boys

The Lagos big boys needed an anthem and Olamide duly provided them with one. The song that saw him introduce the signature Gunman pose.

18. Melo Melo

One of his slower records that sees Olamide sing about love and bares his emotions.

19. Bobo

Olamide’s influence on pop culture cut across just music and ‘Bobo’ saw him introduce the ‘Shakiti Bobo’ dance that had fans across the country joining in on the act.

20. Pepper Dem Gang

Another groovy club record tat sees him introduce his new rapper, Davolee to the industry.

21. Owo Blow

Very few artists have perfected the art of tapping into cultural influences to create a larger than life personalities as Olamide. On this one, ‘Nollywood’ is his inspiration as he sings about having plenty money to blow.

22. Who You Epp

‘Who You Epp’ started a trend that saw a number of artists rendering several versions that soon turned the song into a movement.

23. Wo

The ‘Wobe’ movement was one that was conceived, incubated and fully delivered on his last studio album with the song, ‘Wo’.

Olamide has always been a fan of repeated sing-along choruses and with one word, ‘Wo’, Olamide exploits this handsomely to deliver a catchy hook and one of his most electrifying songs.

24. ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ feat Reminisce

Many at times, people seem to forget that Olamide can actually rap and it takes records like this to remind them that while chasing the commercial records, he can also bring the bars when required and on ‘Hustle Loyalty Respect’ with friend Reminisce, he delivers a ode to indigenous rappers.

25. Ghost Mode

A groundbreaking single. In collaboration with Phyno, Olamide earned a mammoth hit song that topped the charts and saw his performance become a snapshot of his skills as an emcee.

26. Kana

Olamide teams up with Wizkid for the second time and the result is another triumphant dance anthem that became a cult favorite for their individual fanbase.

27. Poverty Die

The last official single he released for 2018 soon became a chant that became a huge success immediately it was released.

28. Science Student

One of 2018’s biggest records and the ‘unofficial’ dance song to perfect the ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance. ‘Science Student’ sees Olamide give his take on the drug endemic that has become prevalent with youths in the society.

29. Motigbana

Another funky pop anthem that comes complete with a dance routine.

30. Young Erikina

Olamide tapped a sense of Nigerian Yoruba movies nostalgia that as he boastfully talks about his street fame.

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