‘CBB’ Double Eviction Night Leads To A Final Five: Who Remains?

Posted on Feb 24 2018 - 10:54am by admin

The final five house guests have been revealed on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ after two major evictions on the February 23 episode.

Brandi Glanville, 45, and James Maslow, 27, are the two house guests who were sent home on Celebrity Big Brother‘s February 23 double eviction episode. That means that Omarosa Manigault, Ross Mathews, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mark McGrath and Ariadna Gutierrez will be the final five on CBB‘s finale when it airs on Sunday, February 25. The two-hour double eviction episode was filled with drama, especially as the house guests realized they had no chance but to start turning on each other.

Here’s how the first veto comp went down: Marissa, James, Brandi, Mark and Ari are selected to compete for POV. The competition involves having to figure out the three house guests faces combined by smile, eyes and nose. Omarosa throws the competition because she doesn’t want to be in anyone’s crosshairs and, unfortunately, it works. It’s actually Ariadna who wins, which allows her to take herself off the block and Mark to nominate a new potential evictee: Marissa. His reasoning? No one would vote for Marissa to be out — and he’s right.

Once Brandi was out it was time for a new Head of Household to be crowned. After a very intense game of true or false, Omarosa wins the HOH title over James in a tiebreaker round. It is exactly what the house guests did NOT want to happen — especially because it means that now, no matter what, she’ll be a part of the final five. Ugh. Who does Omarosa nominate for eviction? Ross and Marissa, of course.

The second POV competition is finding a piece of art in the house that doesn’t match up with the others on display in the kitchen. Guests have to frantically search the house, inspect the art, and figure out which piece is mismatched. Who wins? Ross! He saves himself from eviction, obviously, only for Omarosa to put James up in his place. It’s a shocking move on her part, but it results in James being evicted and Marissa staying. That means Omarosa somehow managed to evade two more evictions, which is truly unbelievable.

Here’s how everyone voted in the first eviction: James, Ross, and Omarosa voted for Brandi while Ari voted for Marissa. As for the second eviction: Ari and Ross voted for James, while Mark voted for Marissa. There are only two episodes of CBB left now! Check back for a FULL recap of Saturday, February 24’s episode and the grand finale on Sunday, February 25. Things are definitely going to be interesting as these five house guests go head-to-head!

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