“Castle and Castle”: 7 things we learned from episode 4 of legal drama series [Spoilers]

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We have put together seven things we learned from the fourth episode of “Castle and Castle,” including our favourite performances, scene, and the blunder of the week.

Spoiler Warning

This article has spoilers, so you should only read if you’ve seen the latest episode of the legal drama series. Catch up on our review of episode two and three here.

Here we go;

1. Ben Castle is having a tough time settling in Lagos

Ben, who recently returned to Nigeria and is serving as a corp member in his father’s law firm, isn’t exactly happy being in Nigeria.

It might have something to do with the fact that his fellow corpers, especially Doshima, think he is an entitled spoilt brat; or that Kwabena is giving him a ‘tough time’; or that he misses his girlfriend, Jessica.

Whichever is the case, Ben tells Grandpa Duke during a lunch outing/’bonding session’ that he isn’t happy living in Lagos.

play Ben and Doshima in “Castle and Castle”

2. Talking about Grandpa Duke

We already know that an episode can’t go by without Grandpa visiting Castle and Castle to perhaps, upset Tega.

In this episode, he walks in like he owns the place – which he might since he refers to it as ‘my firm’ during his conversation with Tega – and right in front of Stella, warns Tega to stay away from pro bono cases [who else is tired of these unending disputes over one pro bono case?)

As if that isn’t enough, when Duke sees Ben with Doshima trying to get their jobs done, he reminds him of their lunch date and orders him to drop those files and join him.

Ben tries to explain that he has work to do and even Tega commands him to go back to work, but considering that a lunch date eventually happens, we guess grandpa got his, as usual.


3. What’s the deal with Nneka and her husband, Nnamdi?

We met Nnamdi in the first episode when he comes to his wife’s office to use the office internet because he had used up the one she paid for at home.

In this episode, he comes around to drop her lunch and then asks if he could use the office power. Apparently, he is an author and is working on completing the remaining chapters of his book.

Just as in the first episode, she wasn’t comfortable with him sharing her office space. It’s clear she is kind of the breadwinner, and it would be interesting to know what their story actually is and if it has any effect on her work.

4. Captain has a crush on Stella

Since the first episode, Stella has been searching for the love of her life on a dating site and has been receiving flowers and chocolates from who she thinks is a secret admirer from the site.

While she is excited about having a secret admirer, poor Captain is swooning and looking for an opportunity to express his feelings.

5. Stella is still so extra, but…

I never thought that Stella and her ability to dramatize everything would eventually grow on me, but it has. Of course, she still gives you those eye rolling moments, but even those come with a smile across the face.

In episode four, she’s searching for plumbers to fix the damaged office toilet. The first set of people charge 500 thousand, but she doesn’t think it’s cost effective.

Enter Chuks – played by Mawuli Gavor – a hot looking plumber. She is so obvious with her flirting and when he gives her his quote, from the look on her face it’s not ‘cost effective,’ but she needs his ‘hot’ self around, so she bats her eyelashes and tells him he is just what they are looking for.

6. Abigail’s case takes a different turn

As Abigail’s lawyer, Nneka gets another maid, who was a victim of their madam’s brutality to share her story. According to the new witness, before she escaped from the house, her madam would apply pepper on her eyes for breaking a plate or even flog her until she starts bleeding.

Nneka convinces her to testify in court and everything is set, until Abigail’s mum visits, claiming she had been searching for her daughter.

After her visit, Abigail decides to not take the case to court. According to her, her former Madam currently trains her younger one and provides her mum’s drugs, and would withdraw her help if she sues her.


7. Things are getting heated between the Castles

And we are not talking about their tiring disagreements over the kind of cases the firm should take up.

From the first episode, it was clear that Nike (Ade Laoye) has a thing for her boss. And in episode four, we get to find out that Tega Castle has a history of ‘wandering eyes.’ After Remi walks in on him sharing a drink with Nike, and in a ‘suspicious’ position, she warns him.

“I won’t go through this again. One more screwup and you’re out,” she says to him.

After that, she asks Stella to keep an eye on Tega as his eye has started “wandering” again.

The episode ends with Tega informing Remi that the trial for their Pro Bono case kicks off the next week and he would have to travel with Nike.

He asks her to please trust him, but she doesn’t seem convinced. And if the chemistry between Nike and Tega Castle is anything to go by, we don’t trust him too.

Favourite scene of the week

There’s something relaxing and perfect about the scene between Nike and Tega Castle. It’s a blend of flawless and fascinating performance, chemistry and conversation.

Everything comes together to make it enjoyable. Or maybe, it is that, just like Nike, we were excited to see Tega so relaxed.

“I have never seen you this relaxed,” Nike says to him.

“Maybe it’s the whiskey, I apologise,” he replies.

 “No, I like you like this,” she says, looking at him just as Remi would later say, like ‘her hero’ and “her great Tega Castle.”

Favourite Performers of the week

Dakore Akande (Remi), RMD (Tega), Anne Icha (Stella) and Ade Laoye (Stella) bring on so much charm to their roles, and in turn, the episode as a whole.

Blunder of the week

During a conversation between Abigail, the new witness, Doshima and Nneka, the abusive ‘Madam’ is called Madam Tinu.  But in the other scene when Abigail talks about withdrawing her case, she says, “Madam Uche.”

What do you think about the episode?

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