“Castle and Castle”: 7 things we learned from episode 2 & 3 of legal drama series [Spoilers]

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In episode two and three of “Castle and Castle,” the show does a better job at striking a balance between comedy and drama, while finally pushing the various characters into an active role in the plot.

Spoiler Warning

This article has spoilers, so you should only read if you’ve seen the latest episode of the legal drama series. Catch up on our review of episode one here.

Here are seven things we learned from the second and third episode of “Castle and Castle”:

1. Mike tries to poach Castle and Castle employees

The second episode starts with a messed up Castle and Castle boardroom and a missing cleaner. After few phone calls, Stella finds out that Mike left with the cleaner.

Remi is so pissed about it and asks Stella to work on getting a replacement. Mike invites Malik to his new office and tries convincing him to join him, he promises to make him a partner in a few years.

The latter refuses, pointing out how important loyalty is to him. Mike is furious and threatens to deal with Castle and Castle.

It will be interesting to see how they explore the ‘enmity’ and ‘competition’ between both firms.

play In episode 2, Mike tries to convince Malik to leave Castle and Castle

2. Say hello to Ben Castle

In episode one, during her conversation with Stella, Remi mentions the arrival of her son, Ben, played by Denola Grey.

We finally get to meet him in an eye-rolling scene in episode two and he comes off as a condescending and narcissistic son of the owners of a firm which he seems convinced he would one day run.

Ben is instantly not a favourite, and clearly, his fellow corp members in the firm and Kwabena, also find him annoying.

Nevertheless, the character is surprisingly delivered with a good performance from Grey.

play Remi and Ben Castle in legal drama series (EbonyLife TV)

3. The new Castle and Castle cleaner comes with baggage

After sitting through Stella’s interviews with some  exasperating candidates, she makes a choice: Abigail.

Abigail is a hardworking cleaner who was a victim of abuse at her former place of work, with marks on her body to prove it.

After Stella finds out about the marks, she convinces Nneka to help and represent her.

According to Abigail, she was sent to the city by her mum to work for her madam (Lepacious Bose), who actually owns a very big house. So whenever she is unable to complete her chores, her madam starves her of food.

Whenever she escapes the house for her village, her mother sends her back to the city, and her madam gets the security guy to beat her up as a punishement.

The exit of the former cleaner and the hunt for a new one came with so much drama. Apparently, it was an opportunity for the creator to infuse humour into the episode, while introducing a case for subsequent episodes.

play Tega Castle and Duke Akintola in “Castle and Castle” (EbonyLife)


4. Duke Akintola is still kind of annoying

Remi’s father and his frequent visits and interference in the day-to-day running of the firm is often so annoying. In episode two, he has a new client for Castle and Castle.

The client is Remco, a business owned by his wealthy friend, Otunba, who, if his introductory scene where he slaps a hotel attendant is anything to go by, is an unscrupulous business man.

Of course, Tega doesn’t want his firm signing a deal with Remco, especially after a due diligence report. But Remi is desperate and wants to save the company from its financial crisis.

She eventually meets and signs the deal with Remco, all with the support of her father, and behind her husband and partner.

Remi’s father also gets his grandson a very expensive Mercedes-Benz car. While Tega thinks he should earn and not buy Ben’s love, Remi casually thinks he should have consulted them before getting the gift.

The Castles are obviously headed towards a very strained relationship, which should be interesting to watch unfold.


5. Castle and Castle takes up a better case in episode 2

In episode two, unlike the Pastor Pius vs Dehido case which we were offered in episode one, the firm gets to tackle a relatable and serious case.

In this case, a widow, Oluchi [forget that you heard Eku’s Nneka call her ‘Olucheeeee’] is being harassed by her in-laws who want her and her two daughters out of their brother’s property.

When her in-laws are invited to the firm by Nneka, they demand to speak only to a male lawyer. She has to get Malik to help out, but somewhere along the line, she boldly takes charge of the situation.

With this case, “Castle and Castle” touches not only a form of maltreatment of widows, but also discrimination of women in the legal profession.


6. But in episode 3, we are taken back to those eye-rolling kind of cases

This time, an Alhaji, played by Nedu Wazobia, requests their help. He wants to sue a witch doctor for making his penis disappear.

According to Alhaji, he visited the doctor to help cure his erectile dysfunction. He was given a concoction which did nothing to solve his problem, so he decided to withhold the doctor’s balance. In turn, the doctor decided to take his manhood away.

While Maliq doesn’t think Alhaji has a case, Kwabena thinks he does. And to establish the validity of his claim, they ask to check if his penis is really missing.

Eventually, the witch doctor is invited to Castle and Castle, giving Stella an opportunity to show off her extra self and be ‘funny.’


7. What do you think about the episodes?

The second and third episode of “Castle and Castle” are probably still not the intense and energized legal drama series you anticipated, but they deliver way more engaging drama than its first episode.

With certain scenes – such as when Kwabena goes to check if his manhood is still in place after a meeting with the witch doctor – the show does a better job at striking a balance between comedy and drama.

Stella is still one of the most exaggerated characters on the show, but occasionally, she delivers a pleasing measure of humour.

play RMD and Dakore Akande as Tega and Remi Castle, respectively (EbonyLife)

Performer of the week: As Remi Castle, Dakore Akande brings the perfect balance of intelligence, wittiness, charisma, uncertainty and confidence to her role.

Produced by Isioma Osaje and Temidayo Abudu, “Castle and Castle” is directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, Tope Oshin and Kenneth Gyang.

You can watch episodes of “Castle and Castle’ on Ebonylife ON for 150 naira per episode.

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