Carr Fire: Residents Flee As Homes Burn In Horrifying Blaze — Shocking Pics

Posted on Jul 28 2018 - 7:20pm by admin

Carr Fire has scorched parts of Northern CA and it’s turned deadly. The raging wildfire has caused massive evacuations, structural damage to homes, businesses and more. See the frightening photos from the blaze that continues spread.

The Carr Fire is the latest burst of wildfire to devastate residents in Northern California. The blaze torched through communities on Thursday, July 26, including Shasta and Keswick before jumping the Sacramento River, and then traveling to the city of Redding — a city of about 95,000 people around 120 miles south of the California-Oregon border. The wildfire has demolished dozens of homes, forcing thousands to evacuate. The fire has destroyed at least 15 structures so far, however, that number is expected to rise significantly, Scott McLean, spokesman for Cal Fire, told CNN. One person died, a private hire bulldozer operator, and three firefighters have been injured.

“This fire is extremely dangerous and is moving with no regard to what’s on its path,” Cal Fire incident commander Chief Brett Gouvea told reporters (via CNN). Deadly flames have burned 28,763 acres so far, and the wildfire is only 6% contained, Cal Fire revealed. Firefighters and others on hand are dealing with extremely dry conditions and dangerous temperature, which are expected to reach 110 fahrenheit on Friday (July 26).

More than 1,700 firefighters have been on hand to try and control the wildfire since it broke. However, officials say the hot and windy weather conditions just keep fueling it. There have been 200 California National Guardsmen brought in to help firefighters contain the blaze, Lt. Col. Jonathan Shiroma of the National Guard said. “The fire is creating a huge wind vacuum and moving very rapidly toward west Redding. This fire is out of control!” the California Highway Patrol explained in a Facebook post on July 26, urging residents to evacuate.

McLean continued to detail the frightening occurrences once the Carr Fire started to rip through communities. “It’s just a wall of flames,” he said, adding that “it’s taking everything down in its path.”

“When it hit, people were really scrambling,” McLean said. “There was not much of a warning.”

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