Cape Cod Shark Attack: Arthur Medici, 26, Identified As Victim In Shocking Tragedy

Posted on Sep 16 2018 - 3:32pm by admin

The 26-year-old victim of the tragic and shocking shark attack in Cape Cod on Sept. 15 has been identified as Brazilian student Arthur Medici, who moved to the states two years ago to attend college.

The 26-year-old man from Revere, Massachusetts who was the victim of a vicious shark attack while surfing in the waters at a Cape Cod beach on Sept, 15 has been identified as Brazilian student Arthur Medici. Medici, who was born in Brazil, moved to the U.S. two years ago to attend college, according to WCVB. He was spending time boogie boarding at the Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet with his girlfriend’s brother when the shocking attack happened. Friends described Medici as being sweet and humble and was just doing what he enjoyed moments before his life ended.

The Cape Cod National Park Service revealed that around 12:30pm, Medici was knocked off his board while in the waters and was then attacked by the shark. He was soon brought to shore, where CPR was performed on him while waiting for emergency officials to arrive. Beach goers also tried to stop his bleeding by making a tourniquet on site, but sadly, Medici later passed away at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis after succumbing to the serious injuries. The beach was quickly closed after the attack and witnesses said the deadly scene looked like something straight out of the movie, Jaws.

Although there was at least one shark warning sign on the beach, the fatal attack was the first of its kind in 80 years. Many locals say it’s the norm to swim fearlessly in the water because shark attacks are so rare. Some reports are claiming Medici kicked the shark before getting attacked in the legs, but there’s been no official statement released yet about the details of Medici’s injuries. Unfortunately, there was no lifeguard on the scene at the time of the attack because they reportedly only work at the beach during the summer season, which is now over.

Arthur Medici
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Our healing wishes go out to all those affected by the tragic loss of Medici. The attack has shed light on the dangers of public beaches despite their popularity. There’s been no decision made yet on what the city will do with the beaches going forward but the incident is currently being investigated by the State Police and the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office.

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