Camila Cabello’s Fans Defend Singer After She’s Accused Of Playing Air Guitar On ‘Ellen’

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 2:48am by admin

Camila Cabello’s performance of ‘Never Be the Same’ on ‘Ellen’ was stunning, but some haters had a problem with her guitar skills. Camila was accused of playing air guitar, but her fans are defending her on Twitter!

Geez, could Camila Cabello please catch a break? The “Havana” singer was just attacked onstage by a crazed fan while in concert, and now she’s dealing with more disgruntled haters. Camila, 21, performed on “Ellen” on March 21, and it was flawless. Camila looked gorgeous in a lingerie-inspired outfit, including a black bustier, stockings, and a Chanel pearl necklace. Her vocals while singing “Never Be the Same” were absolutely key, too!

But her guitar playing? Well, the jury’s out. Some think that Camila was faking her guitar skills, just using the instrument as a prop and strumming along randomly. Others believe that she was rocking that stage! You can watch that performance for yourself above! To be honest, her technique does look a little odd. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s playing air guitar. When some critics started guitar-gate on Twitter, her loyal fans fired back:

The tweets didn’t stop coming. Twitter was swarmed with videos of Camila playing both acoustic and electric guitar. There were intimate at-home videos, like the one above, and onstage clips — even her playing guitar during different performances of “Never Be the Same”. Fans couldn’t get over the Camila diss.

“She does play the guitar (acoustic and electric guitar),” one girl wrote. “Check your info before posting nonsense”. “Just here to inform you that you are incorrect, and that Camila has been playing the guitar for years.” wrote another. Come for Camila, Camila fans will apparently come for you. One fan had a really good point. “Look what we not gonna do is pretend Miss Cabello isn’t an incredible songwriter and a musician on top of being a singer while we praise every white boy in the industry who’s ever stepped on any stage,” she tweeted. Praise!

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