California Dad Asks To Reverse Plea After Admitting Guilt To Raping & Murdering Daughter, 14

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 4:21am by admin

A California father who originally declared a guilty plea for drugging, raping, and murdering his 14-year-old daughter is now asking to reverse the plea and face a trial for the terrible crime. Find out the details here.

So tragic. California father, Mark Mesiti, 49, pleaded guilty on Oct. 17 for drugging, raping, and murdering his 14-year-old daughter, Alycia, in 2006 and now he wants to take back the plea and face a trial in court. The original guilty plea to 49 charges was to avoid the death sentence and with the new request, Mark could face a less severe sentence depending on what a jury concludes.  This is such shocking and sad news for the family of Alycia, who died of a lethal cocktail of various drugs such as opiates, benzos, and meth. Mark admitted to sedating her more than 40 times and filming while he sexually assaulted her. Click to see pics of the celebrities we’ve lost in 2017.

In addition to his daughter, Mesiti claims he also sexually assaulted two other young girls, ages 8 and 16. “Mark is disgusting,” Alycia’s great-aunt Roberta Fitzpatrick told the San Jose Mercury News. “He uses the system to torture us.” The case has been making headlines again over the past few weeks as new details come to light. Alycia’s death has rattled her family to the core, since her body was found in the backyard of Mesiti’s former rental home in 2009, three years after he claimed she never returned from a camping trip with her friends. The discovery of her remains helped police get a warrant to search Mesiti’s new home, where they found a meth lab.

The murder trial has already been dragged out over a decade, since he was first tried in LA for drug charges and he also previously tried to represent himself. The jury was shown roughly 100 images of child pornography found on Mark’s computer during testimony, causing even more outrage since some were of his daughter. Law enforcement believes Alycia was tragically killed by the same drugs her father used to sedate her. Mesiti pled guilty to the charges in order to escape the death penalty.

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