Brymo is the passionate type as he celebrates lover on her birthday

Posted on Dec 4 2018 - 1:46pm by admin

Brymo appears to be one deep in passion while celebrating his lover Esse Kakada on her birthday.

The latter who has a pet name Anjorin grew a year older on Saturday, December 1, 2018, a day the singer shares a honest expression of love about her on Instagram.

Brymo seemed to have been anticipating the celebration. Two days before Esse’s birthday, he writes on IG telling her, “Woman.. I am yours forever.”

The singer who is not married shows an intense appreciation for Anjorin on his fifth studio album Klĭtôrĭs released on 9 May 2016.

He talks about her on the track ‘Ko Ṣ’aya Mi’ where she is revealed to the world as the subject of his affection.

“The world is running and we are spining with it Your heart is beating, your tune am singing with it Ara ile, Ero ona, Ara iwo, Ara ede.

“Te ba ba nri anjorin Orewa, Ose idi bebere O ga, O sin sin gbon le Eleyinju ege.”

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The song goes on with more verses describing the challenges often encountered in relationships.

On his sixth album “OṢÓ” made available on March 27, 2018, he also talks about a loved one — his son Waju Ashimi who got some mentorship from a loving father on the track ‘Ọlánrewájú‘’.

It contains useful advice on growing up made rich as a result of Brymo’s deep knowledge about folklore evident in most of his songs.

Eight months since releasing the “OṢÓ” project, Brymo is still raring to go with more music.

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