Brussels NIGHTMARE: Italy’s Salvini tells EU's nemisis Orban 'let's change EU together!'

Posted on Jun 6 2018 - 2:07am by admin

Anti-EU Lega leader Mr Salvini revealed Hungary’s prime minister Mr Orban has reached out to him in a telephone call and that the like-minded pair will “change the EU together”, Politico reports.

Mr Salvini said at a rally in Rome: “Today I had a long and nice call with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who wished us all the best and with whom we are going to change the rules of this European Union.”

Mr Salvini, who is also Italy’s home minister, later added: “We are trying to build a network with other countries of tranquility and safety, of peace and war on terrorism.”

Mr Salvini, who has made up one half of the Italian coalition government with Five Star Movement (M5S) head Luigi di Maio, is not the only leader Mr Orban has influenced.

Newly elected Slovenian leader Janez Jansa scooped the majority of votes thanks to Mr Orban’s political playbook, which he used throughout his aggressive campaign to the top.

Though the result was a hung parliament, Mr Janza won 25 seats in parliament as a result of Mr Orban’s tips.

Home secretary Marco Minniti, a member of the centre-left wing Democratic Party, has already slammed a pairing between Italy and Hungary in a rant against the Lega-M5S government.

He said: “Italy has always cultivated the dialogue between East and West but has never been a country of the East neighbouring the West.

“We can’t become like Hungary standing at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.”

Mr Orban is one of the bloc’s biggest enemies.

Hungarian President János Áder signed an amendment to Hungary’s higher education law that imposed new requirements on foreign universities operating in the country.

It is no secret the law is an attack on the Central European University, founded by Mr Orban’s nemesis American-Hungarian financier George Soros.

The law imposed stopped the institution opening the floodgates to thousands of foreign students swarming to Budapest to study.

Unsurprisingly, anti-immigration Mr Orban was behind the plot that the university now fell foul of, prompting EU intervention.

The EU has also fined Hungary under Viktor Orban’s rule over the country’s failure to correct its budget deficit.

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