Britain 'SLEEPWALKING’ into remaining in the EU says Brexit Secretary Barclay

Posted on May 14 2019 - 3:50am by admin

Mr Barclay has voiced concerns that the bloc could fail to grant any further extensions forcing MPs to abandon Brexit. MPs have voted three times against the deal Theresa May has forged with the EU leaving the Prime Minister desperately negotiationg the terms of withdrawal further. The top Brexit minister was writing for The Sun following the EU Chief Donald Tusk putting the chances of Brexit being cancelled as 30 percent.

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Mr Barclay said : “The message from Brussels is clear — if Britain has not left the EU by October 31, we will be faced with a stark choice: a No Deal Brexit or no Brexit at all.

“We are at real risk of sleepwalking into remaining in the EU.

“That is why I believe it would be inexcusable for the Government to not use the coming months to continue to prepare for No Deal.”

The Brexit Secretary said MPs were faced with a “tough choice” where they either “vote for a deal or her towards a showdown in October where we may lose Brexit together.

“The EU will decide for us.

“If we don’t roll up our shirt sleeves and pass the deal, we risk them losing patience and refusing any more time.”

Mr Barclay said: “If the House is faced with leaving the EU without a deal or revoking Article 50, I believe it’s possible that the majority of MPs would choose to vote to revoke and betray the will of more than 17 million voters.

“Make no mistake – to my last breath I will fight that possibility. It will have a devastating impact on voters’ trust in politicians and it will take many years for the public to ever believe in their votes being respected again.

“So every MP is now faced with a tough choice – vote for a deal to leave the EU, or head towards a showdown in October where we may lose Brexit altogether.”

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