Brexiteer MP outlines FANTASTIC reason why Theresa May's deal could NEVER work for UK

Posted on Nov 15 2018 - 8:06am by admin

Two years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, it was announced that both the EU and UK have come for an agreement on the final Brexit deal. The draft Brexit deal, a 500-page document expected to be released on Wednesday evening, has already faced widespread criticism. Both the UK and EU have devised a working solution for the backstop, the insurance policy to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland. But in a bid to get a Brexit deal agreed with the Brussels bloc, the Prime Minister is expected have signed up to the possibility of a permanent customs union with the EU, unless a better deal is reached within two years. 

During a heated debate with Sky News’ Adam Boulton, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “We actually won’t be leaving, will we? We are not going to be leaving the customs union.”

Bolton hit back and said: “Well, we will be. We will no longer be members of the European Union. We will be no longer members of the political structures.”

The Tory MP insisted Britain would be in a “worse situation” and remain to be a “vassal state” by taking EU laws.

Boulton replied: “Well, that’s your problem. You’re the one that wanted to leave in the first place.

“I mean, even Boris Johnson says we will be in a worse state and for the first time we won’t have influence. But that’s what people who voted Leave wanted to do. They wanted to leave that political structure.”

Mr Bridgen said: “But not stay under their laws. That’s not leaving. It is?”

The Sky News host shouted: “It is leaving.”

The Tory MP said: “So, we are going to leave but stay under their laws and laws are not going to be made in this place, they are going to be made in Brussels and we are not going to have any input anymore.”

The pair began to debate trade post-Brexit and Mr Bridgen said: “It’s very anti-competitive – no free trade deals. The big benefit of Brexit is going those trade deals.”

Bolton fired back: “So you don’t think this is going to fly?”

In response, Mr Bridgen blasted: “What’s the point of Liam Fox’s department for International Trade?”

Mr Boulton chuckled and said: “Well, that’s a different question.”

Mr Bridgen concluded and said: “I’m hoping that the Cabinet will explain to the Prime Minister that this is not acceptable and won’t go through Parliament. If not, it will fall to principle Members of Parliament to stand up for the democratic mandate we are given by the referendum to leave the European Union to oppose this deal.”

The Department for International Trade has said they are unable to comment on this and would “prefer not to speculate” before the drafted deal is published. 

Prime Minister Theresa May also referred to the work the Department for International Trade had been doing in preparation for Brexit during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Mrs May said: “We have been negotiating on two fronts. We are negotiating on the continuity agreements which ensure that those trade deals we have been party to as a member of the European Union are able to continue when we leave the European Union.

“And we have also started discussions with other countries about the trade deals that we can forge across the world once we leave the European Union.”

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