Brexit: What is an ALL-UK customs union? Have Ireland agreed to Theresa May's plan

Posted on Oct 6 2018 - 12:58am by admin

Theresa May has recently come away from the Conservative Party Conference with renewed vigour, dancing onto the stage to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’. 

She hasn’t wasted any time either, as she has bounced back from disappointing Brexit negotaitions two weeks ago with a whole new plan for a customs union. 

Titled an ‘all-UK customs union’, the newest plan seeks to break a new deal with the EU. 

Her newest plan has already received praise, and could mark a step up in terms of succesful negotiations. 

What is an ‘all-UK customs union’?

The all-UK customs union seeks to avoud a hard border with Ireland by having the UK and EU participate in a customs union together. 

A customs union between the UK and EU countries would mean free trade and common import duties would exist between them

This would solve the Irish border issue as the Prime Minister would be agreeing to have Northern Ireland remain a part of the single market regulatory area of the EU. 

Her plan has won support from Irish officials, but some are wondering if it truly constitutes a fully-fledged Brexit. 

Theresa May’s newest plan has receieved some support from Ireland, bolstering her position as she prepares to head into Brexit crunch talks. 

Talking to the Financial times, one Irish official said: “It looks like it would resolve that issue [of the border].

“Whether Europe accept it or not is another conversation.”

Irish politician Jim Allister disagreed however, saying the move was “not Brexit”.

Another Irish official said staying in a customs union wit hthe EU was “not leaving anything really.”

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