BREXIT WARNING: EU threatens May ANY attempt to trade with USA will be 'UNACCEPTABLE'

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 1:17pm by admin

EU leaders, who are meeting in Brussels today without the British Prime Minister, have said despite agreement terms to start discussions on trade with Britain, they had “sharp discussions” any attempt for the UK to do a deal with America would be “unnacceptable”.

The warning comes amid fraught negotiations between the EU and Washington. Brussels fears a UK deal would “undermine” attempts for the EU to strike a good deal with President Trump, according to Sky News.

Mrs May was excluded from today’s round table meeting of EU national leaders where they decided to move Brexit talks to the trade negotiations phase.

But Sky News presenter Faisal Islam tweeted: “A number of EU 27 leaders discussed (after PM May left Summit) U.K.-US trade negotiations threatening post Brexit U.K.-EU Deal.”

EU presidents Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker are due to adress media with the next hour to update on today’s talks.

Mr Tusk had earlier revealed the Brexit negotiations had been approved by EU leaders to move on to the trade negotiation stage.

The announcement was welcomed by Mrs May who said there was now a “new dynamic in Brexit”.

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