BREXIT PLOT: Corbyn holds secret talks with Tory Remainers to keep Britain SHACKLED to EU

Posted on Mar 7 2019 - 6:59am by admin

The Labour leader and key anti-Brexit MPs in the party discussed proposals that would keep freedom of movement and make the UK follow single market rules in the meeting with Conservative former ministers Sir Oliver Letwin and Nick Boles. The plan would also leave the country bound by future decisions made by Brussels without any power in the process. Mr Corbyn last year privately admitted to Labour MPs the Norway-style deal would leave the UK as a “rule taker”.

His spokesman said he attended the talks to “discuss how to achieve a deal that would be good for jobs and could bring Leave and Remain voters together”.

Prime Minister Theresa May has always ruled out such a move because it would mean committing to continued free movement.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, one of the party’s fiercest opponents of Brexit, said the meeting had been “very constructive”.

He added: “There is a strong and growing cross-party consensus for a pragmatic, bridge-building Brexit.”

Labour MP Lucy Powell said the talks had been “very positive and constructive”. 

She added: “We discussed areas of agreement and where we differ and how we could work together to break the Brexit deadlock.”

Sir Oliver previously told MPs he was “past caring what the deal is” and he would vote for whatever the Prime Minister brings back to the Commons.

But he has since been a crucial figure in plans to delay Britain’s exit from the EU.

Mr Boles has been pushing his soft Brexit proposals with MPs for months, rebranding it “Common Market 2.0”.  

In a separate bid to water down Brexit, Remainer peers last night defeated the Government over Brexit legislation in the House of Lords.

An cross-party amendment to the Trade Bill backed by pro-Brussels peers seeking to stengthen Parliament’s powers to scrutinise future trade agreements was passed by 215-168 votes.

Ministers were braced for a further defeat last night on an amendment seeking to keep the UK in an EU customs unions.

The Government is expected to overturn the Lords votes when the Bill returns to the Commons.

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