Brexit Party SECOND biggest party in UK, new poll shows as Lib Dems drop

Posted on Jul 14 2019 - 12:20pm by admin

The Conservatives topped the YouGov poll with 24 percent of the vote, buoyed by the prospect of Boris Johnson as the next Tory leader. Nipping at their heels is the Brexit Party, which secured 21 percent in the opinion polls, despite only being founded seven months ago. Labour took 20 percent of the vote – up from 18 percent – and the Lib Dems were at 19 percent – down one percent. 

The Green Party was unchanged at nine percent in the poll of 1,671 people between July 9 and 10 and published today.

The Brexit Party has seen huge electoral success this year, after winning the European Parliament Elections in the UK back in May, becoming the biggest party in the EU. 

The party, led by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, won on a ticket of promising to leave the EU without a deal and trade with countries on World Trade Organisations instead. 

Mr Farage previously said there was “no difference between the Brexit Party and UKIP in terms of policy, but in terms of personnel, there’s a vast difference” after he criticised UKIP’s connections to the far-right. 

However the results do show a slight drop for the Brexit Party, who polled last week at 23 percent, against this week’s 21.

In a separate poll, Mr Farage accused a research firm of “fake polling” after the BMG Research opinion poll for the Independent put the Brexit Party on just 14 percent, with the Conservative Party on 28 percent, Labour trailing by a single point on 27 percent and the pro-Brussels Liberal Democrats on 18 percent.

The survey claimed voters were abandoning the Brexit Party for the Tory party.

But the Brexit Party leader told “It is staggering that despite being the biggest political party in the EU, BMG do not include Brexit Party with the other major parties in their polls and instead put us down in the ‘other’ category – alongside the Greens and failed Change UK.

“This looks like a clear establishment attempt to suppress our polling numbers. If companies like BMG do not consider winning a national election enough reason to prompt for The Brexit Party in Westminster voting intentions, then we consider all research conducted in this dishonest way to be fake polling.”

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party has faced turmoil over recent months following leader Theresa May’s resignation after failing to deliver on her promise to take the UK out of the EU on time.

But it appears the promise of new leadership has sured up support, with the 24 percent poll result unchanged from a similar survey a week before, according to YouGov.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are currently competing to become the next Tory leader.

The pair are currently holding hustings and interviews about their plans for Brexit if they become Prime Minister.

The result will then be announced on July 23.  

In a BBC interview with Andew Neil last night, Mr Hunt said he would leave the EU without a deal if he was unable to negotiate a new agreement with Brussels on the terms of the UK’s withdrawal.

But he also insisted that it was possible to get a revised deal with Brussels by the end of September, he would delay Brexit beyond the current October 31 deadline.

Asked whether he would be prepared to delay by days, weeks or months, Mr Hunt replied: “Well, it’s not going to be months.”

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